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How to make a teleporter that has to be used to be activated.

  1. Add an actor >> Triggers >> UseTrigger to your map. When you hit your use button near while facing it, you will trigger it. Set its Events -> event = "BeamMeOutScotty"

Then place an actor where you want to be teleported too. I normaly use a "LookTarget" for it, but it doesn't matter what you use. (Keypoint >> LookTarget) An emitter for example works too. Give it an Events -> Tag = "SpawnLocation".

Now we have a usable trigger and a spawnlocation, but now we set it up to actualy spawn at that location when the trigger is used.

Place a ScriptedTrigger anywhere in your map. (Keypoint >> AIScript >> ScriptedSequence >> ScriptedTrigger)

In its properties under AIScript add three actions:

  • [0] WaitForEvent -> BeamMeOutScotty (same as usetrigger)
  • [1] TeleportToPoint -> SpawnLocation (same as teleport location tag, you can guess what bPlaySpawnEffect does)
  • [2] GoToAction [0] (So this is usable more then once)

You should leave the Controllerclass blank.

That's it, whenever you use the usetrigger you will spawn at the desired location. Can be cool and usefull in some situations.

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