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UT2003 :: Actor >> Triggers (UT2003) >> UseTrigger (Package: Engine)

A UseTrigger will trigger its Event when the Use key is pressed. (By default, the 'U' or 'E' key in UT200x). To implement, Match the Tag of the object to trigger with the Event of the UseTrigger.


  • If this is to be used in conjuction with a Mover, you can simply set Mover.bUseTriggered to true instead. The Mover will be triggered when approached and the Use key is pressed.
  • Bots will gravitate to UseTriggers and when they Touch them, will automatically activate (trigger) them. This can cause some problems with Bot Support, if the UseTrigger is meant for more discretionary use.
  • The comments in the UScript source code erroneously claim that the UseTrigger sends its Event to all actors whose Name matches the Event. Of course, it is to those actors whose Tag matches the Event.

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