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UT2004 :: Actor >> Triggers >> ONSVehicleEjectionTrigger(Package: custom)


This custom Triggers actor is designed to detect any ONSVehicles that come within a certain distance and if a driver is present it ejects the driver.

  • Optional damage can be applied to the driver : DriverDamage.
  • Optional damage to the vehicle : VehicleDamage.
  • Also the force of the ejection multiplied : EjectMultiplyer.
  • There are optional extra sound FX for when the ONSVehicleEjectionTrigger is touched by a valid/non-valid actor :RejectSoundFx/ValidContactSoundFxand.
  • Optional sound FX for the ejection itself.

Both the DamageTypes for the diver and the vehicle can also be set by the mapper.

The Script[edit]

// by vitaloverdose Oct 2007.
// Http://www.vitaloverdose.com
class ONSVehicleEjectionTrigger extends Triggers
Var () int                            VehicleDamage;         // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
Var () Int                            DriverDamage;          // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
Var () float                          Ejectmultiplyer;       // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
Var () Sound                          EjectSoundFx;          // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
Var () Sound                          RejectSoundFx;         // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
Var () Sound                          ValidContactSoundFx;   // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
Var () Class< Damagetype >            DriverDamageType;      // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
Var () Class< DamageType >            VehicleDamageType;     // Mapper can set in unrealEd.
simulated Function Touch( Actor Other)
if ((!Other.IsA('onsVehicle')) && (onsVehicle(Other).Driver == None) )
    If ( RejectSoundFx!=None)
// calls the Eject function and passes it the valid reference of the vehicle that touched it.
Eject( OnsVehicle(Other));
simulated Function Eject( OnsVehicle Avehicle)
local pawn  EjectedDriver;
local float OldEjectMomentum;
//the old EjectMomentum is backed up so it can be restored after the ejection
OldEjectMomentum        = Avehicle.EjectMomentum;
//The ejection momentum is then altered on the vehicle
Avehicle.EjectMomentum *= Ejectmultiplyer;
// the valid reference to the driver is recored before hes ejected
EjectedDriver          = Avehicle.Driver;
// The function EjectDriver() is called on the vehicle which ejects the driver
//The original ejection force is returned to the vehicle
Avehicle.EjectMomentum = OldEjectMomentum;
//applies damage to the Driver using the recorded reference.
if ( DriverDamage > 1)
     EjectedDriver.TakeDamage(DriverDamage , Instigator , EjectedDriver.Location , vect(0,0,10000),DriverDamagetype ) ;
//applies damage to the vehicle
if ( VehicleDamage > 1 )
     Avehicle.TakeDamage(VehicleDamage, Instigator , Avehicle.Location , vect(0,0,10000),VehicleDamagetype );
// if the mapper specified sound FX they are played here
If ( ValidContactSoundFx!=None)