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UT2004 :: Actor >> Triggers >> ONSVehicleSpeedTrap (Package: custom)

by VitalOverdose


This custom class is a Trigger that tests the speed(velocity) of an ONSVehicle against a value set by the mapper in unrealed.


The test against the value set can be greater than or lesser than. Its a boolean variable (true/false) and is set to greater than as a default and can set by the mapper in unrealed.

Once the condition has been met the ONSVehicleSpeedTrap will trigger itself, calling whatever is in its event field like any other trigger.

  • Can Test For > or < lower than the speed set by the mapper.
  • Triggers self when condition is met.


Max speed for an Scorpion is about 1000.

The script[edit]

// ONSVehicleSpeedTrap : a trigger based actor that tests the speed of a vehicle.
// By VitalOverdose //
// Updated dec 2007
class ONSVehicleSpeedTrap extends Triggers;
var () float  TestSpeed;
var () bool   bLessThan;
// Generic function : overwriting
function Touch(actor other)
 local float      VehicleVelocity;
 local ONSVehicle VehicleToTest;
 if (!other.isa('ONSVehicle'))
 VehicleToTest   = ONSVehicle(Other);
 VehicleVelocity = Vsize(VehicleToTest.Velocity);
 if (((bLessThan == true) && (VehicleVelocity < TestSpeed)) ||
    ((bLessThan == false) && (VehicleVelocity > TestSpeed)))
Super.Touch(Other);   // all the code from the parent function of the same name is added in here