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UT2004 :: Actor >> SVehicleFactory >> ASVehicleFactory >> AllMapVehicleFactory (Package: custom)

by VitalOverdose


This is a modified ASVehicleFactory that will work in all gametypes. It works by overwriting the post begin play function and adding a small bit of code that scans for the GameInfo actor in the level.

The Script[edit]

class AllMapVehicleFactory Extends AsVehiclefactory
// Generic function : overwriting : adding 'simulated' before function name so it works online.
simulated Function PostBeginPlay()
if (!Level.Game.bAllowVehicles)           
     Level.Game.bAllowVehicles = True;// changes the bAllowVehicles value 
Super.PostBeginPlay();                // any function related code from the parent function is inserted here.



VitalOverdose - Credit to Tarquin for pointing out the correct way to reference the GameInfo actor.