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This is the rough text of something Tar has posted to forums to advertise this site. Feel free to rewrite and use it for similar purposes. (see External Links for a list of forums)

The Unreal Wiki is a documentation site that holds reference and tutorials on Unreal editing. It's being written by a large number of people from across the Unreal community. We have a lot of material already, and you are all invited to add to the project.

It's a totally open site: you can add material on the spot with your web browser, though please read through New Contributors Quick Start before editing pages.

The way the Wiki system works, as titbits of info accumulate anyone can refactor them into full documents and tutorials, so any input is good for the project, even if it's just list of things a page should cover or questions on a topic.

The site is at http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/

Check out also the Project FAQ.

It's lots of documentation & tutorials on editing. You can add stuff to it too. You don't need to email admins to submit material, you just edit the site live in your browser.

You don't need site editors to approve your additions to the site, because everyone who uses the site is a site editor – that includes you.

The Unreal Wiki is dedicated to gathering documentation on the Unreal Engine. Not only can you browse the large quantity of material already there, but anyone can add or edit information instantly – no registration required. A large community of mappers, coders and modelers helps in this effort. Find out how.

Need help finding your way around? Read Using The Wiki to get started, or use the Search function. Use the Quick Navigation menu at the top to navigate within a page. To find out more about how the site operates, see the MetaTopics page.

See Recent Changes for local news, and Featured Pages for a rundown of what's new and cool.

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Unknown: On second thoughts, we could refactor the aboe into a multi-purpose "introduction to the wiki" text.

El Muerte: Uhm, "The Unreal Wiki is a new documentation site...", maybe 3 years ago ;)

Birelli: Hmm, it looks like we really don't need this page any more, maybe (Delete Me)?

Ragdoll: Indeed. A few days ago i tried to get all those dodgy links working again but now their back to being broken again. I think we need to create a different page if this one is to be deleted.

Graphik: While the site is not as young as the above might suggest, a little PR wouldn't hurt. :)

Unknown:I basically copied and pasted the beginning blurb on the home page as an alternate press release. That would serve well enough as it is, provided of course the links were formatted to fit whatever medium it was released through.

SuperApe: Removed Delete Me tag from discussion above, added Refactor Me to bottom and related topics. Removed "new" from the top blurb. I agree that a little PR wouldn't hurt, perhaps we should have this link (or the Wiki PR link) available on the home page? Perhaps refactor into Wiki Public Relations, and if this page really is obsolete, then re-add Delete Me tag.

[Refactor Me] – Into Wiki Public Relations.