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The Unreal Wiki sidebar page.

Note that this is a global feature – changing this page changes the sidebar for every user, not just yourself. To make a custom sidebar just for you, see Wiki Integration/Browser Sidebar.

The links below the line make up the sidebar in the default site template (see Project Skins). If you change this page, keep the following in mind:

Please don't overload the sidebar 
Keep in mind that those with a smaller screen area can't see as many links as you.
Keep the sidebar brief, well-structured and friendly 
Don't just add a page because you think it's important. That's not the point of the sidebar; it's far more important to users that they immediately see the way to the the information they're looking for (uncluttered by other links they have no use for at the moment), not the very page itself.
Don't add fragmented pages 
Clean up the page before adding it to the sidebar.
Don't add links to pages that don't exist 
That should be self-evident, but the past shows that it isn't.
Be nice to the parser 
The parser is very simple and won't tolerate spaces, blank lines and so on.

Lines can be one of...

  • a special token (one of the three below).
  • a page name.
  • a piped page name.
  • a separator: 4 hyphens only.

The Unreal Wiki sidebar page.

Legacy:Wiki Sidebar/Discuss this feature.