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UT :: Object (UT) >> Console >> WindowConsole (Package: UWindow)

WindowConsole is a specialized console to support the UWindow system. See UWindowWindow for information about the UWindow structure.


bool bCreatedRoot 
The root window has been created.
bool bBlackout 
bool bLevelChange 
The level is about to change.
bool bLocked 
bool bQuickKeyEnable 
bool bShowConsole (config) 
bool bUWindowActive 
The UWindow system is visible.
bool bUWindowType 
class<UWindowConsoleWindow> ConsoleClass 
byte ConsoleKey (globalconfig) 
The key code for bringing up the console.
UWindowConsoleWindow ConsoleWindow 
float MouseScale (config) 
float MouseX 
float MouseY 
float OldClipX 
float OldClipY 
string OldLevel 
UWindowRootWindow Root 
A reference to the UWindow system's root window.
string RootWindow (config) 
The root window class.
bool ShowDesktop (config) 
Wheather the background should be drawn.
EInputKey UWindowKey (config) 


Inherited From Console[edit]

AddString (coerce string Msg) 
Adds the message string to the ConsoleWindow's text area.
bool KeyEvent (EInputKey Key, EInputAction Action, float Delta) 
Checks for the escape key or the console key if UWindow is not active and opens the root window or the console window respectively when pressed. If UWindow is active this function sends key and mouse events to the root window.
Message (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI, coerce string Msg, name N) 
Adds messages to the console window's text area.
NotifyLevelChange ( ) 
Sends NotifyBeforeLevelChange notices to the root window.
PostRender (Canvas (UT) Canvas) 
Renders the UWindow windows if UWindow is active.
Tick (float Delta) 
Sends NotifyAfterLevelChange to the root window after a level change. If UWindow is active it also sends DoTick events to the root window.

New Methods[edit]

CloseUWindow ( ) 
Hides the root window and all other components of the UWindow system.
CreateRootWindow (Canvas (UT) Canvas) 
Creates the UWindow system's root window. This is done after the first call to PostRender while the UWindow system is active.
HideConsole ( ) 
Hides the console window.
HistoryDown ( ) 
HistoryUp ( ) 
LaunchUWindow ( ) 
Initializes the UWindow system and brings up the root window (if available).
RenderUWindow (Canvas (UT) Canvas) 
Notifies the root window of resolution changes, mouse movement keyboard focus changes and paint events. This function also creates the root window if neccessary.
ResetUWindow ( ) 
Shuts down the UWindow system. This closes all windows including the root window and sets the reference to Root to None so the UWindow objects can be garbage-collected.
ShowConsole ( ) 
Shows the console window. Might be delayed till next Tick if root window isn't available.
ToggleUWindow ( ) 
Empty function.
UpdateHistory ( ) 

Known Subclasses[edit]