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UT2003 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> JumpDest >> JumpSpot >> GameObjective >> xBombDelivery

The xBombDelivery is the actor that is placed in the game for a xBombingRun map's goal. The BombDelivery is a hoop big enough for a player to jump through. The objective in a BombingRun game is to take the ball from the xBombSpawn and deliver it to the opposing team's BombDelivery and either shoot the ball through the hoop for a field goal or carry the ball through for a touchdown.


  • Remember, the BombDelivery's GameObjective->DefenderTeamIndex value and the BombDelivery's Team->Team value should equal the nearby PlayerStart's Team value. (Red = 0, Blue = 1) The DefenderTeamIndex is used exclusively by the Squad AI and the Team value is used for general gameplay. As an example, around the Red base you need the following values set:
    • Red Team PlayerStart(s) -> Team = 0
    • Red BombDelivery GameObjective -> DefenderTeamIndex = 0
    • Red BombDelivery Team -> Team = 0
  • Place the BombDelivery so it is possible to shoot a field goal standing from somewhere close.
  • Place the BombDelivery so it is harder to score a touchdown then to shoot a field goal. (Field goals are worth 3 points, Touchdowns are worth 7.)
  • You will need at least one BlueShootSpot or RedShootSpot per BombDelivery in order for bots to play properly and shoot the ball. A BlueShootSpot should be placed near the Red Team's BombDelivery and the RedShootSpot near the Blue Team's goal.



float TouchDownDifficulty 
Tells the bots how difficult it is to score a touchdown, or jump through the goal, which will influence their decision to either shoot a field goal or go for the touchdown. Bots will use this property to determine how often they should find either a BlueShootSpot or a RedShootSpot (depending on which color BombDelivery they're going for) instead of carrying the ball to the goal for a touchdown for a higher score.


int Team 
Team Number of the team that is defending the goal. (Red team = 0, Blue = 1) This value will change the color of the moving lights on the inner ring of the xBombDelivery to the appropriate team color. GameObjective -> DefenderTeamIndex should be set to the same value for the bot AI.

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Off-Kilter: Back to this whole DefenderTeamIndex thing... The BombingRunTeamAI definitely uses it to figure out which base is the EnemyBase, and sets the base accordingly in the BombingRunSquadAI. The squad AI definitely uses EnemyBase quite a lot. So I am not sure how the heck Anubis seems to behave since both goals are coded with DefenderTeamIndex = 0. Weird.