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UT2003 :: Actor >> xPickUpBase (Package: Engine)

XPickupBase is the class used for the metal plate below the spawnpoint of weapons, health, powerups and other pickups.
Usually you don't use this class directly. Instead its subclasses such as xWeaponBase are used in the maps.

Tip: If you set Actor/Advanced -> bHidden to true, the base and the "swirly things" disappear, and weapons just float there like the ones in UT.

Warning: Adding this class usually crashes the UnrealEd that comes with the unpatched UT2003 v2107, i.e. UT2003 out of the box. Install the latest patch for UT2003 to prevent this.


PickUpBase Group[edit]

float ExtraPathCost 
Assigned to the inventory spot.
class<Pickup> PowerUp 
Pickup class to spawn with this base.
float SpawnHeight 
Height above this base at which the pickup will spawn.
class<Emitter> SpiralEmitter 
Emitter which spawns particles when the pickup base is visible.

UnrealScript-Only Properties[edit]

Pickup myPickUp 
Reference to the pick up spawned with this base.
Emitter myEmitter 
Reference to the emitter spawned with this base.
InventorySpot myMarker 
Inventory spot marker associated with this pickup base.

Known Subclasses[edit]

Subclasses without link are exactly the same as xPickupBase except with changes to the default properties to give them different meshes and set their PowerUp variable to the appropriate class. Most likely they were added to make it easier on mappers.

    |    +-NewHealthCharger (UT2004 only)
    +-MultiPickupBase (custom)
    |    +-NewSuperHealthCharger (UT2004 only)
         +-xNewWeaponBase (UT2004 only)