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UE1:UTCustomizeClientWindow (UT)

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Type: int

Default value: 53


Type: int

Default value: 19

Default values[edit]

Property Value
AliasNames[11] "LookUp"
AliasNames[12] "LookDown"
AliasNames[13] "CenterView"
AliasNames[14] "Walking"
AliasNames[15] "Strafe"
AliasNames[16] "FeignDeath"
AliasNames[17] "Talk"
AliasNames[18] "TeamTalk"
AliasNames[19] "None"
AliasNames[20] "taunt thrust"
AliasNames[21] "taunt wave"
AliasNames[22] "taunt taunt1"
AliasNames[23] "taunt victory1"
AliasNames[24] "NextWeapon"
AliasNames[25] "PrevWeapon"
AliasNames[26] "ThrowWeapon"
AliasNames[27] "switchtobestweapon"
AliasNames[28] "getweapon Translocator"
AliasNames[29] "getweapon ChainSaw"
AliasNames[30] "getweapon ImpactHammer"
AliasNames[31] "getweapon enforcer"
AliasNames[32] "getweapon ShockRifle"
AliasNames[33] "getweapon ut_biorifle"
AliasNames[34] "getweapon PulseGun"
AliasNames[35] "getweapon SniperRifle"
AliasNames[36] "getweapon ripper"
AliasNames[37] "getweapon minigun2"
AliasNames[38] "getweapon UT_FlakCannon"
AliasNames[39] "getweapon UT_Eightball"
AliasNames[4] "StrafeLeft"
AliasNames[40] "getweapon WarheadLauncher"
AliasNames[41] "ViewPlayerNum 0"
AliasNames[42] "ViewPlayerNum 1"
AliasNames[43] "ViewPlayerNum 2"
AliasNames[44] "ViewPlayerNum 3"
AliasNames[45] "ViewPlayerNum 4"
AliasNames[46] "ViewPlayerNum 5"
AliasNames[47] "ViewPlayerNum 6"
AliasNames[48] "ViewPlayerNum 7"
AliasNames[49] "ViewPlayerNum 8"
AliasNames[5] "StrafeRight"
AliasNames[50] "ViewPlayerNum 9"
AliasNames[51] "GrowHUD"
AliasNames[52] "ShrinkHUD"
AliasNames[53] "None"
AliasNames[54] "Type"
AliasNames[6] "TurnLeft"
AliasNames[7] "TurnRight"
LabelList[0] "Controls,Fire"
LabelList[11] "Look Up"
LabelList[12] "Look Down"
LabelList[13] "Center View"
LabelList[14] "Walk"
LabelList[15] "Strafe"
LabelList[16] "Feign Death"
LabelList[17] "Taunts / Chat,Say"
LabelList[18] "Team Say"
LabelList[19] "Show Voice Menu"
LabelList[20] "Thrust"
LabelList[21] "Wave"
LabelList[22] "Victory1"
LabelList[23] "Victory2"
LabelList[24] "Weapons,Next Weapon"
LabelList[25] "Previous Weapon"
LabelList[26] "Throw Weapon"
LabelList[27] "Select Best Weapon"
LabelList[28] "Translocator"
LabelList[29] "Chainsaw"
LabelList[30] "Impact Hammer"
LabelList[31] "Enforcer"
LabelList[32] "Shock Rifle"
LabelList[33] "Biorifle"
LabelList[34] "PulseGun"
LabelList[35] "Sniper Rifle"
LabelList[36] "Ripper"
LabelList[37] "Minigun"
LabelList[38] "Flak Cannon"
LabelList[39] "Rocket Launcher"
LabelList[4] "Strafe Left"
LabelList[40] "Redeemer"
LabelList[41] "View from Teammate,Teammate 1"
LabelList[42] "Teammate 2"
LabelList[43] "Teammate 3"
LabelList[44] "Teammate 4"
LabelList[45] "Teammate 5"
LabelList[46] "Teammate 6"
LabelList[47] "Teammate 7"
LabelList[48] "Teammate 8"
LabelList[49] "Teammate 9"
LabelList[5] "Strafe Right"
LabelList[50] "Teammate 10"
LabelList[51] "HUD,Increase HUD"
LabelList[52] "Decrease HUD"
LabelList[53] "Console,Console Key"
LabelList[54] "Quick Console Key"
LabelList[6] "Turn Left"
LabelList[7] "Turn Right"

Instance functions[edit]


function Created ()

Overrides: UMenuCustomizeClientWindow.Created


function LoadExistingKeys ()

Overrides: UMenuCustomizeClientWindow.LoadExistingKeys


function SetKey (int KeyNo, string KeyName)

Overrides: UMenuCustomizeClientWindow.SetKey


function WindowHidden ()

Overrides: UWindowWindow.WindowHidden


function WindowShown ()

Overrides: UMenuCustomizeClientWindow.WindowShown