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UE2:GravityTrigger (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> Triggers >> GravityTrigger

Changes gravity of ALL PhysicsVolumes to the specified value when being triggered. JumpPads are adjusted to work properly with the new gravity.


Property group 'GravityTrigger'[edit]


Type: float

The new acceleration along the Z-axis. This should be negative to simulate gravity. Too low (around 0) or too high values should be avoided, the engine doesn't like them. From the code it seems like the gravity of a Volume is only changed, when the new value higher than the old one is.

Default value: -300.0


Type: name

If set to anything other than None, only volmes with a matching Tag are affected.

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bCollideActors False



event Trigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator)

Overrides: Actor.Trigger

Iterates through all PhysicsVolumes (optional with the VolumeTag) and sets the new gravity if the old value is not higher than the new one. Then it forces the Volume to update in netplay. The Level's DefaultGravity is set to the one of the DefaultPhysicsVolume. At last are the JumpPads adjusted.