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UE3:Actor structs (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> Actor (structs)
Actor structs in other games:
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events, instance functions, internal variables, native functions



Modifiers: native, transient

Used to indicate each slot name and how many channels they have.

name SlotName 
Name of the slot.
int NumChannels 
Number of channels that are available in this slot.


Modifiers: native, transient

Struct used for passing information from Matinee to an Actor for blending animations during a sequence.

name SlotName 
Name of slot that we want to play the animtion in.
array<float> ChannelWeights 
Strength of each Channel within this Slot. Channel indexs are determined by track order in Matinee.


Structure filled in by async line check when it completes.

Warning: C++ mirroring is in UnPhysPublic.h

int bCheckStarted 
Indicates that there is an outstanding async line check that will be filling in this structure.
int bCheckCompleted 
Indicates that the async line check has finished, and bHit now contains the result.
int bHit 
Indicates result of line check. If bHit is TRUE, then the line hit some part of the level.


Information about an overall collision, including contacts

Warning: C++ mirroring is in UnPhysPublic.h

array<RigidBodyContactInfo> ContactInfos 
all the contact points in the collision
Object.Vector TotalNormalForceVector 
the total force applied as the two objects push against each other
Object.Vector TotalFrictionForceVector 
the total counterforce applied of the two objects sliding against each other


Modifiers: native, transient

Hit definition struct. Mainly used by Instant Hit Weapons.

Actor HitActor 
Actor Hit
Object.Vector HitLocation 
world location of hit impact
Object.Vector HitNormal 
Hit normal of impact
Object.Vector RayDir 
Direction of ray when hitting actor
TraceHitInfo HitInfo 
Trace Hit Info (material, bonename...)


Modifiers: native

Struct used for cross level navigation point references.

NavigationPoint Nav 
Object.Guid Guid 


Modifiers: native

Object.Vector AppliedImpulse 
contains DamageRadius in X and damageimpulse in y for radial impulse
Object.Vector HitLocation 
HurtOrigin for radial impulse
name BoneName 
byte ImpulseCount 
bool bRadialImpulse 


Information about one contact between a pair of rigid bodies

Warning: C++ mirroring is in UnPhysPublic.h

Object.Vector ContactPosition 
Object.Vector ContactNormal 
float ContactPenetration 
Object.Vector ContactVelocity[2]  
PhysicalMaterial PhysMaterial[2]  


describes the physical state of a rigid body

Warning: C++ mirroring is in UnPhysPublic.h

Object.Vector Position 
Object.Quat Quaternion 
Object.Vector LinVel 
RBSTATE_LINVELSCALE times actual (precision reasons)
Object.Vector AngVel 
RBSTATE_ANGVELSCALE times actual (precision reasons)
byte bNewData 


Modifiers: native

bool bLoop 
name FuncName 
float Rate 
float Count 
Object TimerObj 


Modifiers: native, transient

Material Material 
Material we hit.
PhysicalMaterial PhysMaterial 
The Physical Material that was hit
int Item 
Extra info about thing we hit.
int LevelIndex 
Level index, if we hit BSP.
name BoneName 
Name of bone if we hit a skeletal mesh.
PrimitiveComponent HitComponent 
Component of the actor that we hit.