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UE3:IAdvWebAdminSettings (UT3)

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UT3 Interface >> IAdvWebAdminSettings
Known implementing classes:
UTMutator_ArenaSettings, UTMutator_WeaponReplacementSettings

Defines the interface for gametype/mutator configuration handlers that can not be handled soly by a Settings subclass. By implemented IAdvWebAdminSettings the developer has more freedom of configuration items. However, using it does create a dependency on the WebAdmin package (an optional server side only package).

IMPORTANT! The WebAdmin is an optional server-side only package. Do not introduce a dependency on this package from a package that a client needs to download in order to play your mod.

Implementers must be a subclass of Settings (or one of it's subclasses).

Copyright 2008 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Author: Michiel 'elmuerte' Hendriks

Instance functions[edit]


function cleanup ()

Called when the instance is queued to be cleanup. It should be used to unset all actor references.


function initSettings (WorldInfo worldinfo, DataStoreCache dscache)

Called when the instance is created.


function renderSettings (WebResponse response, SettingsRenderer renderer, optional string substName)

Called to render the settings. This produce the HTML code for all settings this implementation should expose. You can use the given SettingsRenderer to perform standard rendering.


function bool saveSettings (WebRequest request, WebAdminMessages messages)

Called when the settings should be saved. Return true when the settings were saved. Use the webadmin reference to addMessage for feedback to the user about incorrect values and what not.