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UE3:MusicTrackDataStructures (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> MusicTrackDataStructures
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Modifiers: native

These are the parameters we can control on a track that is being faded in / out

float FadeInTime 
Time taken for sound to fade in when action is activated.
float FadeInVolumeLevel 
Volume the sound to should fade in to
float DelayBetweenOldAndNewTrack 
Amount of delay between playing the new track
float FadeOutTime 
Time take for sound to fade out when Stop input is fired.
float FadeOutVolumeLevel 
Volume the sound to should fade out to

Default values:

Property Value
DelayBetweenOldAndNewTrack 0.0
FadeInTime 5.0
FadeInVolumeLevel 1.0
FadeOutTime 5.0
FadeOutVolumeLevel 0.0


Modifiers: native

MusicTrackParamStruct Params 
name TrackType 
which type this track is *
SoundCue TheSoundCue 
The soundCue to play *
bool bAutoPlay 
Controls whether or not the track is auto-played when it is attached to the scene.