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UE3:PBRuleNodeMesh (UDK)

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UDK Object >> PBRuleNodeBase >> PBRuleNodeMesh


Property group 'PBRuleNodeMesh'[edit]


Type: bool

If TRUE, this mesh will block all, including players


Type: bool

If TRUE, will test region is not occluded (or is partially occluded) before placing mesh.

Default value: True


Type: array<BuildingMeshInfo>

Set of meshes to pick from.


Type: BuildingMeshInfo

Mesh to use if this scope if partially occluded. If a mesh is not specified, will just use one of the BuildingMeshes array.

Default value:

Member Value
Chance 1.0
DimX 512.0
DimZ 512.0
OverriddenMeshLightMapRes 32



Modifiers: native

Stores all the options that can be applied to one section of a mesh

array<MaterialInterface> MaterialOptions 
Array of materials, one of which will be selected for a certain section


Modifiers: native

Information about one mesh used as part of the building construction

StaticMesh Mesh 
Actual mesh to use
float DimX 
Defined X length of mesh, when used in building
float DimZ 
Defined Z length of mesh, when used in building
float Chance 
Chance of this building mesh being picked
DistributionVector Translation 
Optional translation applied to to mesh
DistributionVector Rotation 
Optional rotation (in degrees) applied to to mesh
bool bMeshScaleTranslation 
If TRUE, the Translation specified is scaled by any scaling applied to the mesh
bool bOverrideMeshLightMapRes 
If TRUE, use OverriddenLightMapRes instead of resolution set on the mesh.
int OverriddenMeshLightMapRes 
Resolution to use for lighting on this mesh, if bOverrideMeshLightMapRes is TRUE.
array<MaterialInterface> MaterialOverrides 
array<BuildingMatOverrides> SectionOverrides 
Specifies options for overriding material on each section of the mesh

Default values:

Property Value
Chance 1.0
DimX 512.0
DimZ 512.0
OverriddenMeshLightMapRes 32

Native functions[edit]


native function int PickRandomBuildingMesh ()

Util to pick a random building mesh from the BuildingMeshes array, using the Chance specified