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UE3:UIStyle_Image (UDK)

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UDK Object >> UIRoot >> UIStyle_Data >> UIStyle_Image
This class in other games:

Contains information about how to present and format an image's appearance

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Property group 'UIStyle_Image'[edit]


Type: UIRoot.UIImageAdjustmentData

Array size: 2 (EUIOrientation.UIORIENT_MAX)

Information about how to modify the way the image is rendered.

Default value, index 0:

Member Value
AdjustmentType ADJUST_Normal

Default value, index 1:

Member Value
AdjustmentType ADJUST_Normal


Type: UIRoot.TextureCoordinates

if DefaultImage points to a texture atlas, represents the coordinates to use for rendering this image


Type: Surface

The material to use if the image material cannot be loaded or this style is not applied to an image.

Default value: Texture2D'EngineResources.DefaultTexture'

Default values[edit]

Property Value
UIEditorControlClass "WxStyleImagePropertiesGroup"