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UE3:UTCTFMessage (UT3)

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Default values[edit]

Property Value
CaptureBlue "captured the blue flag!"
CaptureRed "captured the red flag!"
DroppedBlue "dropped the blue flag!"
DroppedRed "dropped the red flag!"
DroppedSounds[0] SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Status.Status.A_StatusAnnouncer_RedFlagDropped'
DroppedSounds[1] SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Status.Status.A_StatusAnnouncer_BlueFlagDropped'
FontSize 2
HasBlue "took the blue flag!"
HasRed "took the red flag!"
KilledBlue "killed the blue flag carrier!"
KilledRed "killed the red flag carrier!"
ReturnBlue "returned the blue flag!"
ReturnedBlue "The blue flag was returned!"
ReturnedRed "The red flag was returned!"
ReturnRed "returned the red flag!"
ReturnSounds[0] SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Status.Status.A_StatusAnnouncer_RedFlagReturned'
ReturnSounds[1] SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Status.Status.A_StatusAnnouncer_BlueFlagReturned'
TakenSounds[0] SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Status.Status.A_StatusAnnouncer_RedFlagTaken'
TakenSounds[1] SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Status.Status.A_StatusAnnouncer_BlueFlagTaken'

Static functions[edit]


static function bool ShouldBeRemoved (UTQueuedAnnouncement MyAnnouncement, class<UTLocalMessageNewAnnouncementClass, int NewMessageIndex)

Overrides: UTCarriedObjectMessage.ShouldBeRemoved

Kill pending flag messages when a score happens