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UE1:Actor native functions (U1)

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U1 Object >> Actor (native functions)


Actor native functions in other games:
RTNP, U2, U2XMP, UDK, UE2Runtime, UT, UT2003, UT2004, UT3
Other member categories for this class:
enums, events, internal variables, properties

[edit] Native functions

[edit] DemoPlaySound

native simulated event DemoPlaySound (Sound Sound, optional ESoundSlot Slot, optional float Volume, optional bool bNoOverride, optional float Radius, optional float Pitch)

[edit] AutonomousPhysics

native(3971) final function AutonomousPhysics (float DeltaSeconds)

[edit] ConsoleCommand

native function string ConsoleCommand (string Command)

[edit] Destroy

native(279) final function bool Destroy ()

[edit] Error

native(233) final function Error (coerce string S)

[edit] GetAnimGroup

native(293) final function name GetAnimGroup (name Sequence)

[edit] GetMapName

native(539) final function string GetMapName (string NameEnding, string MapName, int Dir)

[edit] GetNextInt

native final function string GetNextInt (string ClassName, int Num)

[edit] GetNextIntDesc

native final function GetNextIntDesc (string ClassName, int Num, out string Entry, out string Description)

[edit] GetNextSkin

native(545) final function GetNextSkin (string Prefix, string CurrentSkin, int Dir, out string SkinName, out string SkinDesc)

[edit] GetURLMap

native(547) final function string GetURLMap ()

[edit] HasAnim

native(263) final function bool HasAnim (name Sequence)

[edit] IsAnimating

native(282) final function bool IsAnimating ()

[edit] LoopAnim

native(260) final function LoopAnim (name Sequence, optional float Rate, optional float TweenTime, optional float MinRate)

[edit] MakeNoise

native(512) final function MakeNoise (float Loudness)

[edit] Move

native(266) final function bool Move (Object.Vector Delta)

[edit] MoveSmooth

native(3969) final function bool MoveSmooth (Object.Vector Delta)

[edit] PlayAnim

native(259) final function PlayAnim (name Sequence, optional float Rate, optional float TweenTime)

[edit] PlayerCanSeeMe

native(532) final function bool PlayerCanSeeMe ()

[edit] PlaySound

native(264) final function PlaySound (Sound Sound, optional ESoundSlot Slot, optional float Volume, optional bool bNoOverride, optional float Radius, optional float Pitch)

[edit] SetBase

native(298) final function SetBase (Actor NewBase)

[edit] SetCollision

native(262) final function SetCollision (optional bool NewColActors, optional bool NewBlockActors, optional bool NewBlockPlayers)

[edit] SetCollisionSize

native(283) final function bool SetCollisionSize (float NewRadius, float NewHeight)

[edit] SetLocation

native(267) final function bool SetLocation (Object.Vector NewLocation)

[edit] SetOwner

native(272) final function SetOwner (Actor NewOwner)

[edit] SetPhysics

native(3970) final function SetPhysics (EPhysics newPhysics)

[edit] SetRotation

native(299) final function bool SetRotation (Object.Rotator NewRotation)

[edit] SetTimer

native(280) final function SetTimer (float NewTimerRate, bool bLoop)

[edit] Spawn

native(278) final function Actor Spawn (class<ActorSpawnClass, optional Actor SpawnOwner, optional name SpawnTag, optional Object.Vector SpawnLocation, optional Object.Rotator SpawnRotation)

[edit] Trace

native(277) final function Actor Trace (out Object.Vector HitLocation, out Object.Vector HitNormal, Object.Vector TraceEnd, optional Object.Vector TraceStart, optional bool bTraceActors, optional Object.Vector Extent)

[edit] TweenAnim

native(294) final function TweenAnim (name Sequence, float Time)

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