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Legacy:Building With CSG

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This page covers making Architecture the old-fashioned way: with CSG brushes that compile into a BSP.

For a gentle introduction to the concepts of unreal building, see Mapping Lessons, Unreal World & Unreal Geometry.

Creating Shapes[edit]

All building starts with the red builder brush. This is in a way a 3D cursor, which the mapper shapes and edits before using it to imprint a new brush on the world.

The red bruilder brush can be given new shapes with:

Once you have a basic shape, it can be edited with the following techniques:

It is important to align brushes and vertices to grid, to reduce chance of BSP holes:

Brush shapes can be saved to disk and reused in other maps:

Creating Space[edit]

Making world brushes out of the red builder brush:


Technical specifics on the objects and tools used in creating architecture.

Architectural features[edit]

Techniques for making complex architexture.


Special surfaces[edit]

Facts & Techniques[edit]

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