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Postal 2 :: Object >> DayBase (Package: Postal2Game)



var() const Name InvClassName 
Class of inventory to remove/give
var() const int NeededAmount 
Make sure the player has at least this much of the item
var() const GuyTypeEnum GuyType 
Which type of dude can get this thing
var() const bool bEnhancedOnly 
Only get it in enhanced mode



Okay for both good and evil dude
Okay for evil dude only
Okay for good dude only



var() const localized String Description 
Name of day (ex: "Monday")
var() const String UniqueName 
A unique day name so code can refer to specific days.
var() const array<string> ExcludeDays 
A list of other group names that need to be excluded from today.
var() const name MapTex 
Map texture for today
var() const name NewsTex 
Newspaper texture for today
var() const name DudeNewsComment 
Dude's comment on today's newspaper
var() const name LoadTex 
Loading texture for today
var() const name DudeStartComment 
Dude's comment on starting today's errands.
var() const editinline array<ErrandBase> Errands 
Errands that need to be performed today.
var() const export editinline array<DayInventoryStruct> PlayerInvList 
Things to give to the player when day starts
var() const export editinline array<DayInventoryStruct> TakeFromPlayerList 
Things to be taken away from the player when day starts


int ActiveErrands 
Cached number of active errands (to make it faster)


function AddInStartingInventory(P2Pawn PlayerPawn) 
Take the player pawn and add these things in
function TakeInventoryFromPlayer(P2Pawn PlayerPawn) 
Take away things from the player and destroy them if necessary
function Texture GetMapTexture() 
Returns today's map texture
function Texture GetNewsTexture() 
Returns today's news texture
function Sound GetDudeNewsComment() 
Returns today's news comment
function Texture GetLoadTexture() 
Returns today's loading texture
function Sound GetDudeStartComment() 
Returns dude starting comment for today's errands
function CheckForValidErrandGoals() 
Checks for valid goals in the day's errands. Logs a warning if errands or their goals missing.
function bool CheckForErrandCompletion(Actor Other, Actor Another, Pawn ActionPawn, bool bPremature, GameState CurGameState, out int ErrandIndex, out name CompletionTrigger) 
Attempts to complete an errand with the information passed in.
function AddMyHaters(GameState CurGameState, P2Player CurPlayer) 
Adds all of the player haters for today's errands.
function bool IgnoreThisTag(Actor Other) 
Checks to see if we want to ignore this actor based on its tag. This lets some objects show up on some days and not on others
function bool CheckForErrandUse(Actor Other) 
Returns true if Other is used for one of today's errands
function int FindErrand(String UniqueName) 
function int NumErrands() 
function int NumActiveErrands() 
function ActivateErrand(int Errand) 
function bool IsErrandComplete(int ErrandIndex) 
function bool IsErrandActive(int ErrandIndex) 
function Sound GetErrandStartComment(int ErrandIndex) 
function Sound GetErrandCompletedComment(int ErrandIndex) 
function Sound GetErrandWhereComment(int ErrandIndex) 
function Sound GetErrandFoundComment(int ErrandIndex) 
function Texture GetErrandName(int ErrandIndex) 
function Texture GetErrandLocation(int ErrandIndex, out float x, out float y) 
function Texture GetErrandLocationCrossout(int ErrandIndex, out float x, out float y) 

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