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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Decoration (Package: Engine)

This is an abstract base class, and shouldn't be added to a map.

Children of this class are decoration actors – meshes seen by the player in the game that have no AI and are not weapon or inventory pickups. Many decorations are static, but a certain level of interaction can be set. If you want to move any decoration by the AttachTag, set all Advanced and Network properties to the same as the Mover to have it properly working on network.
Some decorations have scripted movement, e.g. Fighter.

If you want to create your own decorations, see MeshMaker.

See Decoration for the UT2003 version of this class.


class<Actor (UT)> EffectWhenDestroyed 
If set, the pyrotechnic or explosion when item is damaged.
bool bPushable 
When activated, a player will be able to push the decoration on the floor, e.g. wooden boxes.
bool bOnlyTriggerable 
Deactivates the Frag and skinnedFrag methods.
sound PushSound 
This sound is played then the decoration is pushed.
class<Inventory (UT)> contents, content2, content3 
One of these Inventory (UT) classes is dropped when the decoration is destroyed.
sound EndPushSound 
This sound is played when the decoration stops moving.

(The following are not available in the editor.)

bool bSplash 
(This one is a bit strange. It's set to false and then to true again in the same function with only SetPhysics(PHYS_None) inbetween.)
bool bBobbing 
Used when the decoration is floating in a water zone.
bool bWasCarried 
The decoration was dropped by a Pawn (UT).
const int numLandings 
Used by engine physics.
bool bPushSoundPlaying 
The decoration currently plays the PushSound. This variable is reset to false by a Timer function every 0.3 seconds.


simulated function FollowHolder(Actor (UT) Other) 
(Not used?)
function Drop(vector newVel) 
simulated function Frag(class<Fragment> FragType, vector Momentum, float DSize, int NumFrags) 
Triggers the decoration's Event, spawns several framents and destroys the decoration.
simulated function skinnedFrag(class<Fragment> FragType, texture FragSkin, vector Momentum, float DSize, int NumFrags) 
Same as Frag, but also sets the fragments' Skin to the specified texture.

Useless Trivia[edit]

Pawns are able to "carry" a decoration if they have no weapon or their weapon's mass is less than 20, and if the decoration is both pushable and its mass is less than 40 (pylons, small crates) and it has nothing sitting on top of it. This may or may not have the effect of slowing the Pawn's movement or inhibiting its ability to jump. Carried objects are assigned to "carriedDecoration" in the Pawn class via the GrabDecoration function. PlayerPawns can pick up objects ingame using the undocumented Grab exec function.

Ike Bart: From my experience when testing the Grab function in Unreal Tournament, the player moves slower, cannot jump and cannot fall off cliffs while carrying a decoration, even for books with a mass of 1. When I tried to pick up heavy pushable decorations with the grab command, nothing happened. The grab command can also be used to activate movers or trigger events when used on movers set up appropriately.

Notable Subclasses[edit]

Not a complete list, but some decoration actors merit a page of their own: