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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Effects (UT) >> EIEffects (Package: EnhancedItems)

This class is part of the EnhancedItems package by Wormbo.

Internal Variables[edit]

bool bDestroyMe 
Specifies whether this effect is currently being destroyed after calling the DestroyMe() function. "Destroying" an EIEffect in this way needn't be the same as "Destroy()ing" it.
Legacy:EnhancedItems/EIDeathMessageMutator EIDMM 
The EIDeathMessageMutator is spawned by Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapons to make the EnhancedItems death messages work. You will have to spawn it yourself if your mod doesn't contain any Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapons and no other mod spawned it yet.


DestroyMe( ) 
Starts destroying the effect. This may not have the same effect as calling Destroy(). Especially the Legacy:EnhancedItems/PlayerShellEffect subclass uses this function to start fading out the effect.
RestoreKillType( ) 
Reverts the effect of SetKillType(). Call this exactly as often as SetKillType() after doing damage or directly killing players.
SetKillType(bool bSplashHit, bool bHeadHit, class<Actor (UT)> DamageProjectileClass) 
Prepares the specified Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedWeapon or Legacy:EnhancedItems/EnhancedProjectile class' death messages to be used when a player is killed. Call this function before you damage or kill a player and revert its effect after you're done.

Known Subclasses[edit]

EnhancedItems Subclasses[edit]

Some Direct Subclasses in EnhancedItems-based Mods[edit]

You are invited to explore the EnhancedItems-based mods' source code to see how these classes make use of the EIEffects features.

  • BSLightningBolt – a section of the lightning beam emitted by an exploding Black Shark missile in Rockets UT
  • EIShockwave – the Redeemer shockwave in the Enhanced Items Mod
  • RedeemerExplosion – the explosion flare in the center of the Redeemer explosion in Rockets UT and Redeemer 2k3 (this one does the damage)