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This class is part of the enhancedItems package by Wormbo.

The PlayerSphere creates a sphere around a player.


float SizeAdjust 
The visible radius in UU of the sphere at DrawScale 1.
bool bUseVortexSphere 
Whether the default mesh should be replaced with the Mesh'ChaosUTMedia2.c_vortexsphere' from Chaos UT. (if that's available) This will also modify some properties if the mesh was found, so set it to false if you want to use your own mesh.


PreBeginPlay( ) 
Try to load Mesh'ChaosUTMedia2.c_vortexsphere' if bUseVortexSphere=True.
PostBeginPlay( ) 
Set MultiSkins[1] to Texture, because that's what's usually used as the texture when bMeshEnviroMap=False.

Subclasses in EnhancedItems-based Mods[edit]

  • InvulSphere – The shield effect of the Invulnerability holdable in Quake 3 Tournament, which deflects off projectiles and hurts other players real badly. ;)