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UT :: Object (UT) >> Bitmap >> Texture (UT) >> FractalTexture >> IceTexture (Package: Fire)
UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> RenderedMaterial >> BitmapMaterial >> Texture >> FractalTexture >> IceTexture (Package: Fire)

Uses a texture as displacement for another texture. Both textures must have exactly the same dimensions to make this work.

Also see Animated Real-Time Textures.


IceLayer Group[edit]

byte Amplitude
byte Frequency 
Frequency and Amplitude act on the speed and size of the circular and wavy parts of a texture's movements.
Texture GlassTexture 
Interpreted as an 8-bit distortion vector field.
bool MoveIce 
The MoveIce switch selects movement of either the GlassTexture or SourceTexture.
PanningType PanningStyle 
Texture SourceTexture 
TimingType TimeMethod 
byte HorizPanSpeed
byte VertPanSpeed 
HorizPanSpeed and VertPanSpeed determine the movement in the Linear and WavyX/Y modes, with a zero-point of (128,128).


int ForceRefresh 
int LocalSource 
float MasterCount 
Texture OldGlassTex 
Texture OldSourceTex 
int OldUDisplace 
int OldVDisplace 
float TickAccu 
float UDisplace 
float UPosition 
float VDisplace 
float VPosition 



Move a texture with speed settings HorizPanSpeed and VertPanSpeed.
Circular movement using Frequency, around a radius equal to Amplitude.
Irregular movement using Frequency and Amplitude.
A wavy horizontal movement of Frequency and Amplitude.
A wavy vertical movement of Frequency and Amplitude.


The default setting of TIME_FrameRateSync will not give framerate-independent animations, but is still a good choice if you need smoothness, since a once-per-frame update will ensure the texture moves a little bit every frame without big skips.
By setting the TimeMethod parameter to TIME_RealTimeScroll, the animation speed you see in the editor matches the in-game speed exactly regardless of the frame rate; it will skip intermediate panning positions if necessary.