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UT2003 :: GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIMultiComponent >> GUIMenuOption >> MoCheckBox (Package: XInterface)

Combines a label and check box button.

This GUI control behaves a little oddly: the checkbox fills up ALL space to the right of the caption. Therefore, you need to make that space SMALL for the button to be a 'normal' size, ie the same sort of size and shape as the other checkboxes in the UT2003 GUI.

Sample properties (to get the same proportions as built-in UT2004 controls):

CaptionWidth  = 0.9; // prevent button from being too big
bHeightFromComponent = False; // prevents TINY button
bSquare=True; // makes the button round
WinHeight = 0.07; // not too big for button to be right size, 
   //obviously this depends on the panel that holds this component
// WinWidth then sets how far the button is from the left edge of the widget



These properties are available to edit.

string CheckStyleName 
GUICheckBoxButton MyCheckBox (noexport, editconst) 
bool bChecked (noexport, editconst, deprecated) 


InitComponent( GUIController MyController, GUIComponent MyOwner ) 
Initializes checkbox.
SetComponentValue( coerce string NewValue, optional bool bNoChange ) 
If bNoChange is false, sets bIgnoreChange to false and calls Checked(NewValue). Otherwise sets bIgnoreChange to true.
string GetComponentValue() 
Returns string(IsChecked()).
Calls MyCheckBox.SetChecked(False).
bool IsChecked() 
Returns MyCheckBox.bChecked.
bool Checked( coerce bool C ) 
Calls MyCheckBox.SetChecked(C). Returns true.
ButtonChecked( GUIComponent Sender ) 
If Sender == MyCheckBox, calls InternalOnChange(self).
bool InternalClick( GUIComponent Sender ) (private) 
If bValueReadOnly, returns true. Otherwise returns MyCheckBox.InternalOnClick(Sender).


EntropicLqd: From what I remember you can specify widget sizes in two ways. One is as a ratio of the holding panels height and width. The other is in absoloute pixels. Maybe absoloute pixels would be the way to go here. Just be careful about people playing on lower resolution screens.