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UT2003 :: Object >> Interactions >> Interaction >> BaseGUIController >> GUIController (Package: XInterface)

The GUIController contains a simple first-in, last-out menu stack. You have three things you can do:

  • Open a menu – adds the menu to the top of the stack.
  • Replace a menu – replaces the current menu with the new menu.
  • Close a menu – returns you to the last menu on the stack.

The GUIController is the GUI system's only interface to the world of Actors.

A similar UT class would probably be the WindowConsole, although the UWindow system in UT is more like a console extension while UT2003's GUIController and Console are both Interactions without being a subclass of eachother.


GUIComponent ActiveControl 
Which control is currently active.
GUIPage ActivePage 
Points to the currently active page.
bool AltPressed 
Alt key is being held.
array<string> AutoLoad (config) 
Any menu classes in here will be automatically loaded.
bool bCurMenuInitialized 
Has the current Menu Finished initialization.
bool bDesignMode 
Are we in design mode.
bool bForceMouseCheck 
bool bHighlightCurrent 
Highlight the current control being edited.
bool bIgnoreNextRelease 
Used to make sure discard errant releases.
bool bIgnoreUntilPress 
bool bModAuthor (config) 
Enables interactive GUI design mode. See above for details.
float ButtonRepeatDelay 
The amount of delay for faking button repeats.
sound ClickSound 
bool CtrlPressed 
Ctrl key is being held.
float CursorFade 
How visible is the cursor.
int CursorStep 
Are we fading in or out.
float DblClickWindow 
How long do you have for a double click.
sound DownSound 
sound EditSound 
float FastCursorFade 
How visible is the cursor.
int FastCursorStep 
Are we fading in or out.
GUIComponent FocusedControl 
Top most Focused control.
array<GUIFont> FontStack (editinline) 
Holds all the possible fonts.
string GameResolution 
float LastClickTime 
When did the last click occur.
int LastClickX
int LastClickY 
Who was the active component
float LastMouseX 
float LastMouseY 
bool MainNotWanted 
Set to true if you don't want main to appear.
float MenuMouseSens (config) 
array<GUIPage> MenuStack (editinline, export) 
Holds the stack of menus.
Array<vector> MouseCursorOffset (editinline) 
Only X,Y used, between 0 and 1. 'Hot Spot' of cursor material.
Array<Material> MouseCursors (editinline) 
Holds a list of all possible mouse coursers.
sound MouseOverSound 
float MouseX
float MouseY 
Where is the mouse currently located.
GUIComponent MoveControl 
Used for visual design.
array<GUIPage> PersistentStack 
Holds the set of pages which are persistent across close/open.
float RepeatDelta 
Data var
byte RepeatKey 
Used to determine what should repeat.
float RepeatTime 
How long until the next repeat.
bool ShiftPressed 
Shift key is being held.
GUIComponent SkipControl 
This control should be skipped over and drawn at the end.
array<string> StyleNames 
Holds the name of all styles to use.
array<GUIStyles> StyleStack 
Holds all of the possible styles.
sound UpSound 
Material WhiteBorder 


Inherited from Interaction[edit]

NotifyLevelChange ( ) [event] 

Inherited from BaseGUIController[edit]

AutoLoadMenus ( ) [event] 
bool OpenMenu (string NewMenuName, optional string Param1, optional string Param2) [event] 
Opens a new menu and places it on top of the stack.
bool ReplaceMenu (string NewMenuName, optional string Param1, optional string Param2) [event] 
Replaces a menu in the stack. Returns true if success.
CloseAll (bool bCancel) [event] 
bool CloseMenu (optional bool bCanceled) [event] 
Close the top menu. returns true if success.
InitializeController ( ) [event] 
SetControllerStatus (bool On) 
SetRequiredGameResolution (string GameRes) [event] 
bool NeedsMenuResolution() [event] 

Newly Declared Methods[edit]

ChangeFocus (GUIComponent Who) [event] 
ClearControls (GUIMultiComponent Comp) 
GUIPage CreateMenu (string NewMenuName) [event] 
Attempts to create a menu. Returns none if it can't.
string GetCurrentRes ( ) [native] 
Returns the current res as a string.
string GetMainMenuClass ( ) [native] 
Returns GameEngine.MainMenuClass.
GetMapList (string Prefix , GUIList list) [native] 
GUIFont GetMenuFont (string FontName) [native event] 
Finds a given font in the FontStack.
GetOGGList (out array<string> OGGFiles) [native] 
GetProfileList (string Prefix, out array<string> ProfileList) [native] 
GUIStyles GetStyle (string StyleName) [native event] 
Find a style on the stack.
GetTeamSymbolList (array<string> SymbolNames, optional bool bNoSinglePlayer) [native] 
GetWeaponList (out array<class<Weapon>> WeaponClass , out array<string> WeaponDesc) [native] 
bool HasMouseMoved ( ) 
string LoadDecoText (string PackageName , string DecoTextName) [native] 
MoveFocused (GUIComponent Ctrl , int bmLeft, int bmTop, int bmWidth, int bmHeight, float ClipX , float ClipY) [event] 
bool RegisterStyle (class<GUIStyles> StyleClass) 
ResetKeyboard ( ) [native] 
GUIPage TopPage ( ) 


bool OnNeedRawKeyPress (byte NewKey) 

Known Subclasses[edit]

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