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UT2004 :: Object >> Actor >> Pawn >> Vehicle >> SVehicle >> ONSVehicle (Package: Onslaught)

This is the base class for Onslaught vehicles in UT2004 and a subclass of the StaticMesh vehicle class SVehicle.




DriverWeaponStruct holds the class of weapon the driver may use and the bone to attach the weapon to.

struct native export DriverWeaponStruct
    var()           class<ONSWeapon>                WeaponClass< SEMI >
    var()           name                            WeaponBone;

PassengerWeaponStruct holds the class of weapon the passenger may use and the bone to attach the weapon to.

struct native export PassengerWeaponStruct
    var()           class<ONSWeaponPawn>            WeaponPawnClass< SEMI >
    var()           name                            WeaponBone;


array<DriverWeaponStruct> DriverWeapons 
Because each element applies only to the driver, it enables the driver to use multiple weapons in a single vehicle. This can be seen with the ONSMobileAssaultStation (that cannon is actually two completely separate weapons, unrelated to firing modes).
array<PassengerWeaponStruct> PassengerWeapons 
Each passenger can control one weapon. This can be seen with the ONSMobileAssaultStation (one weaponpawn per passenger).


array<ONSWeapon> Weapons 
Only applies to the driver.
array<ONSWeaponPawn> WeaponPawns 
Only applies to passengers.
byte ActiveWeapon 
The element index in the Weapons property array. This defines the driver's currently selected weapon.
rotator CustomAim 
A modification of direction, used for weapon aiming. This is used primarily to "lead the target" in non-instantfire weapons.
bool bHasAltFire 
Controls whether AltFire events are passed to any ONSWeapons the vehicle is using. It is only set to false for vehicles that have special AltFires inside the vehicle itself, for example the Scorpion (ONSRV) and Manta (ONSHoverBike).

Team Status

These properties are available to edit.

Material RedSkin 
Material used when assigned to the Red Team.
Material BlueSkin 
Material used when assigned to the Blue Team.


These properties are available to edit.

Sound IdleSound 
Heard when occupied by a driver, but not moving.
Sound StartUpSound 
Heard when an empty vehicle is driven.
Sound ShutDownSound 
Heard when the driver has exited.

Force Feedback

Although these properties are available to edit, it's best not to change these.

string StartUpForce 
The force played when the player gets in.
string ShutDownForce 
The force played when the player get out.

Vehicle Proximity Viewshake


float ViewShakeRadius 
Distance from the vehicle's origin that view starts to shake. This is the attenuation radius of the vehicle's ViewShake.
rotator ViewShakeRotMag 
Magnitude (Amplitude) of rotation.
float ViewShakeRotFreq 
Frequency (Rate) of rotation.
vector ViewShakeOffsetMag 
Magnitude (Amplitude) of offset.
float ViewShakeOffsetFreq 
Frequency (Rate) of offset.


float ViewShakeLastCheck 

Damage and Destruction


StaticMesh DestroyedVehicleMesh 
The destroyed version mesh of the vehicle.
class<Emitter> DestructionEffectClass 
Emitter effect to spawn, when the vehicle is destroyed.
class<Emitter> DisintegrationEffectClass 
Emitter effect to spawn, when the vehicle is destroyed.
float DisintegrationHealth 
Health of destructed mesh before it is blown up and completely removed, aka disintegrated.
range DestructionLinearMomentum 
Speed of movement momentum
range DestructionAngularMomentum 
Speed of rotational momentum
float TimeBetweenImpactExplosions 
While destroyed, specify the maximum amount of time after an explosion b4 another can occur?
array<sound> ExplosionSounds 
An array of sounds used for the explosions, when destroyed.
float ExplosionSoundVolume 
Volume at which to play "ExplosionSounds".
float ExplosionSoundRadius 
Sound radius of "ExplosionSounds".
class<ONSDamagedEffect> DamagedEffectClass 
float DamagedEffectScale 
vector DamagedEffectOffset 
float DamagedEffectHealthSmokeFactor 
Proportion of default health before it starts smoking.
float DamagedEffectHealthFireFactor 
Proportion of default health before it starts burning.
float DamagedEffectAccScale 
float DamagedEffectFireDamagePerSec 


byte ExplosionCount 
byte OldExplosionCount 
float LastVelocitySize 
float LastImpactExplosionTime 
float LastCheckUpsideDownTime 
float UpsideDownDamage 
float ExplosionDamage 
float ExplosionRadius 
float ExplosionMomentum 
class<DamageType> ExplosionDamageType 
class<DamageType> DestroyedRoadKillDamageType 
DamageType for when vehicle runs over/crushes someone after being destroyed.
float DamagedEffectAccuredDamage 
ONSDamagedEffect DamagedEffect 



bool bEnableProximityViewShake 
bool bOnlyViewShakeIfDriven 
vector FireImpulse 
vector AltFireImpulse 


bool bDestroyAppearance 
bool bDisintegrateVehicle 
bool bHadFire 
bool bSoundsPrecached 
bool bNeverReset 
bool bEjectPassengersWhenFlipped 
bool bDriverCannotLeaveVehicle 
bool bCannotBeBased 
bool bHasFireImpulse 
bool bHasAltFireImpulse 
bool bCustomAiming 
Whether this vehicle's aiming will be modified.
bool bIsAwake (const) 
Used for Replication.
bool bHasBeenAwake (const) 
bool bAltFocalPoint 
Used by the AI. This overrides the AI's focal point.
bool AltFocalPoint 

Explosion Camera Shakes

These properties are available to edit.

vector ShakeRotMag 
How far to rotate the view.
vector ShakeRotRate 
How fast to rotate the view.
float ShakeRotTime 
How much time to shake the view rotation. (or how long before rotational shake completely falls off)
vector ShakeOffsetMag 
Maximum view offset (vertically).
vector ShakeOffsetRate 
Maximum vertical offset the view.
float ShakeOffsetTime 
How much time to offset the view.



float ImpactDamageTics 
flost ImpactDamageThreshold 
float PImpactDamageMult 
array<Sound> ImpactDamageSounds 


struct ImpactInfoStruct (native, export) 
Holds the information for a single impact.
Actor ImpactInfoStruct.Other 
vector ImpactInfoStruct.Pos 
vector ImpactInfoStruct.ImpactVel 
vector ImpactInfoStruct.ImpactNorm 
vector ImpactInfoStruct.ImpactAccel 
ImpactInfoStruct ImpactInfo 
int ImpactTicksLeft 


These properties are available to edit.

class<ONSImpactSparks> SparkEffectClass 
ONSImpactSparks SparkEffect (editinline) 
float SparkAdvanceFactor 



array<vector> HeadlightCronaOffset 
One array element for each headlight.
Material HeadlightCronaMaterial 
A single material for all headlights.
float HeadlightCronaMaxSize 
One size for all headlights.
Material HeadlightProjectorMaterial 
vector HeadlightProjectorOffset 
rotator HeadlightProjectorRotation 
float HeadlightProjectorScale 


array<ONSHeadlightCorna> HeadlightCorona 
One array element for each Headlight.
ONSHeadlightProjector HeadlightProjector 


This property is hidden.

string DebugInfo 


These properties are hidden.

Sound LockedOnSound 
The sound that will indicate this vehicle is locked onto.
float ResetTime 
If this vehicle has no driver, CheckReset() will be called at this time.
float LastRunOverWarningTime 
Last time checked for pawns in front of vehicle and warned them of their impending doom.
float MinRunOverWarningAim 
Bot Reservation 
Bot that's about to get in this vehicle.
int OldYaw 

Correct Aim Indicator (Crosshair Modification)

These properties are hidden.

color CrosshairColor (config) 
float CrosshairX, CrosshairY (config) 
Texture CrosshairTexture (config) 

Default Properties

// Miscellaneous
bHasAltFire = True
ViewShakeRadius = 100
DisintegrationHealth = -50
DestructionAngularMomentum = (Min=50, Max=50)
// Explosions
TimeBetweenImpactExplosions = 0.1
ExplosionSounds(0) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.Explosions.VehicleExplosion01'
ExplosionSounds(1) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.Explosions.VehicleExplosion02'
ExplosionSounds(2) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.Explosions.VehicleExplosion03'
ExplosionSounds(3) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.Explosions.VehicleExplosion04'
ExplosionSounds(4) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.Explosions.VehicleExplosion05'
ExplosionSoundVolume = 5
ExplosionSoundRadius = 200
ExplosionDamage = 100
ExplosionRadius = 300
ExplosionMomentum = 6000
ExplosionDamageType = Class'Onslaught.DamTypeOnsVehicleExplosion'
// Road Kill
DestroyedRoadKillDamageType = Class'Onslaught.DamTypeONSVehicleRoadKill'
// Damage Effects
DamagedEffectClass = Class'Onslaught.ONSDamagedEffect'
DamagedEffectScale = 1
DamagedEffectHealthSmokeFactor = 0.5
DamagedEffectHealthFireFactor = 0.25
DamagedEffectAccScale = 0.25
DamagedEffectFireDamagePerSec = 0.75
// Viewshake
bOnlyViewShakeIfDriven = True
// Ejection
bEjectPassengersWhenFlipped = True
// Viewshake
ShakeRotMag = (Z=250)
ShakeRotRate = (Z=2500)
ShakeRotTime = 6
ShakeOffsetMag = (Z=10)
ShakeOffsetRate	= (Z=200)
ShakeOffsetTime	= 10
// Impact
ImpactDamageTicks = 10
ImpactDamageThreshold = 5000
ImpactDamageMult = 0.0003
ImpactDamageSounds(0) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CollisionSounds.VehicleCollision01'
ImpactDamageSounds(1) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CollisionSounds.VehicleCollision02'
ImpactDamageSounds(2) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CollisionSounds.VehicleCollision03'
ImpactDamageSounds(3) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CollisionSounds.VehicleCollision04'
ImpactDamageSounds(4) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CollisionSounds.VehicleCollision05'
ImpactDamageSounds(5) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CollisionSounds.VehicleCollision06'
ImpactDamageSounds(6) = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CollisionSounds.VehicleCollision07'
SparkEffectClass = Class'Onslaught.ONSImpactSparks'
SparkAdvanceFactor = 1.5
LockedOnSound = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseGunTech.BSeekLost1'
MinRunOverWarningAim = 0.88
// Crosshair
CrossHairColor = (G=255, A=255)
CrosshairX = 32
CrosshairY = 32
CrosshairTexture = Texture'ONSInterface-TX.tankBarrelAligned'
bZeroPCRotOnEntry = False
// Vehicle Lock
bTeamLocked = True
bEnterringUnlocks = True
// Team
Team = 0;
TeamBeaconTexture = Texture'ONSInterface-TX.HealthBar'
NoEntryTexture = Texture'HUDContent/Generic.NoEntry'
TeamBeaconBorderMaterial = Texture'InterfaceContent.Menu.BorderBoxD'
// RanOver / Crushed
RanOverDamageType = Class'Onslaught.DamTypeRoadkill'
CrushedDamageType = Class'Onslaught.DamTypePancake'
RanOverSound = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CarAlarm.CarAlarm01'
// Stolen
StolenAnnouncement = “Hijacked”
StolenSound = Sound'ONSVehicleSounds-S.CarAlarm.CarAlarm01'
// Bullet Sounds
BulletSounds(0) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseShieldReflections.BBulletReflect1'
BulletSounds(1) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseShieldReflections.BBulletReflect2'
BulletSounds(2) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseShieldReflections.BBulletReflect3'
BulletSounds(3) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseShieldReflections.BBulletReflect4'
BulletSounds(4) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact1'
BulletSounds(5) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact2'
BulletSounds(6) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact3'
BulletSounds(7) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact4'
BulletSounds(8) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact5'
BulletSounds(9) = Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact6'
BulletSounds(10)= Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact7'
BulletSounds(11)= Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact8'
BulletSounds(12)= Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact9'
BulletSounds(13)= Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact11'
BulletSounds(14)= Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact12'
BulletSounds(15)= Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact13'
BulletSounds(16)= Sound'WeaponSounds.BaseImpactAndExplosions.BBulletImpact14'
// Water
WaterDamage = 150
VehicleDrowningDamType = Class'Gameplay.Drowned'
//Shader FX
SpawnOverlay(0) = Shader'XGameShaders.PlayerShaders.VehicleSpawnShaderRed'
SpawnOverlay(1) = Shader'XGameShaders.PlayerShaders.VehicleSpawnShaderBlue'
// Misc
VehicleIcon = (Material=Texture'AS_FX_TX.HUD.TrackedVehicleIcon',SizeX=64,SizeY=64)
bSpecialHUD = True
bSetPCRotOnPossess = False
bCanTeleport = False
// Sounds
SoundRadius = 200
TransientSoundRadius = 600



bool HasWeapon() 
bool IsFiring() 
bool SpokenFor( Controller C) 
Used by bots to reserve vehicle
SetReservation( Controller C) 
Vehicle OpenPositionFor( Pawn P) 
Returns a vehicle with an open slot
bool TryToDrive( Pawn P ) 
int NumPassengers() (simulated) 
AIController GetBotPassenger() 
Return the AIController of the first bot found in vehicle
Pawn GetInstigator() 
float ChargeBar() (simulated) 
bool FastVehicle() 
AI hint
bool IsDeployed() 
SetTeamNum( byte T ) 
VehicleExplosion( vector MomentumNormal, float PercentMomentum ) 
ServerPlayHorn( int HornIndex ) 
DrawHUD( Canvas Canvas ) (simulated) 
array<Vehicle> GetTurrets() 


Notify vehicle that an enemy has locked on to it
VehicleLocked( Pawn P ) 
Vehicle has been in the middle of nowhere with no driver for a while, so consider resetting it
bool IsVehicleEmpty() 
TeamChanged() (simulated) 
TakeImpactDamage( float AccelMag ) 
KImpact( Actor Other, vector Pos, vector ImpactVel, vector ImpactNorm ) 
ApplyFireImpulse( bool bAlt ) 
DestroyAppearance() (simulated) 
Called at the beginning of VehicleDestroyed state
ClientVehicleExplosion( bool bFinal ) (simulated) 
SVehicleUpdateParams() (simulated) 



Known Subclasses

  |   +-ONSAttackCraft
  |       +-ONSDualAttackCraft (Bonus Pack)
  |   +-ONSHoverBike
  |   +-ONSBomber
  |   +-ONSHoverTank
  |       +-ONSHoverTank_IonPlasma
      +-ONSArtillery (Bonus Pack)
      +-ONSShockTank (Bonus Pack)

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