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This page will detail what needs to be done to a map to make it work with CTF4. This is a work in progress.

General Information[edit]

Team Numbers[edit]

The numbers for each of the teams are as follows:

0 - Red
1 - Blue
2 - Green
3 - Gold

Dark Pulse: This applies for things like PlayerStarts, OLTeamsMonitors, OLTeamXBanner, etc.

Maps with less than 4 teams[edit]

If you would like to make a map with less than four teams, simply leave out the gold flag. Do not try to place only the Red, Blue, and Gold flags. That will break it.

Level Properties[edit]

In your level properties, set both the DefaultGameType and PreCacheGame to OLTeamGames.OLCTFGame


These are the custom actors that need to or can be placed in the map. You'll need to make sure that you have OLTeamGames.u loaded, or you won't see any of these new actors.


There are special CTF4 flags that must be placed in the map. Do not use the normal CTF flags. The CTF4 flags can be found here:

As you can probably tell, there is a different flag actor for each team.


For PlayerStart, simply place the normal PlayerStart actors, and set the team number to the correct team, according to the Team Numbers section above.


If you would like to use Monitors in your map, you'll need to use special CTF4 versions. They are found here:

The different monitors simply represent different visual styles. To set what team the monitor belongs to, right click on the monitor and select Properties to access its default properties. Scroll to the bottom of the window and expand the xMonitor section. Set the Team variable to a number according to the Team Numbers section above.

Dark Pulse: If you'd like to color the monitors In-Ed so you know what "Team" the monitor is for in the Editor (Remember, these get changed at Runtime, so this won't affect in-game at all) just go to the properties of the monitor (Right click > OLTeamsMonitor<x> Properties or just left-click and hit F4), and expand 'Display'. Highlight Skins, and Add 3 (so it should say Skins[0], Skins[1], and Skins[2].) Highlight Skins[2], go to the Texture Browser and use the following:

Red Team: Doesn't need this step, ever
Blue Team: XGameTextures.Shader.BlueScreenS
Gold Team: OLTeamGamesTex.xMonitor.Shader.GoldScreenS
Green Team: OLTeamGamesTex.xMonitor.Shader.GreenScreenS

Keep in mind this isn't necessary at all, and won't affect ingame at all - this is just to help you as a mapper if you, say, place Static Meshes before you texturize walls.


To use uTeamBanners in your level, you'll need to use special CTF4 versions. They are found here:

Obviously, there is a different actor for each team. At runtime, the banners' icons well get changed to the team's icon.

Dark Pulse: No need to worry about skinning here for Editor purposes, unlike OLTeamXBanner - it's done for you here.


To use xTeamBanners in your level, you'll need to use the special CTF4 version. It is found here:

To set the team, open the default properties and change the Team variable (under xTeamBanner) to the proper team number, as described in the Team Numbers section above.

Dark Pulse: These can be colorized as well, to ease the identification on the Mapper's behalf. Go into the OLTeamXBanner's Properties, expand Display, and then the skin option. From there, use one of the following, and remember, this only affects the display in-editor only - this will not affect the Team that owns the banner...

Red Team: XGameShaders.Shader.RedBannerShader (Click All to see this one)
Blue Team: XGameShaders.Shader.BlueBannerShader (Click All to see this one)
Gold Team: OLTeamGamesTex.xBanner.Shader.GoldBannerShader
Green Team: OLTeamGamesTex.xBanner.Shader.GreenBannerShader


SuperApe: How about accessing a player's team number? For a mutator, I used xPawn.TeamSkin for normal gametypes, but that failed in CTF4. Is there a preferred method?

Wormbo: Preferred method for any gametype is PRI.Team.TeamIndex.

SuperApe: Thanks, Wormbo.

Phoenix: Is it possible to make a VCTF4 map?

Guest: ***BUMP*** IS it possible to make a VCTF4 map?

MythOpus: Just for future reference, you don't need to bump the wiki :) And doesn't this page answer your question? What specifically do you need to know?