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UT2004 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> PathNode >> RoadPathNode (Package: Engine)
RoadPathNode icon

A pathnode for vehicles, but players on foot can use these as well. Regular PathNode actors are not designed to be used by vehicles, so use RoadPathNodes whenever you want to tell bots they can (not: must) use a vehicle to follow this path.

If you want to place a pathnode over water so bots know they can cross it using hovercrafts, use a HoverPathNode. If you need a pathnode exclusively useable by flying vehicles, players or monsters, use a FlyingPathNode. To tell bots they need to use a vehicle in order to reach a certain goal, use a SpecialVehicleObjective.


float MaxRoadDist 
The maximum distance to connect to other pathnodes during build of path network.

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