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UT2004 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> PathNode >> RoadPathNode >> SpecialVehicleObjective (Package: UnrealGame)
SpecialVehicleObjective icon, same as RoadPathNode

A special road pathnode that tells bots they need to use a certain type of vehicle to use this path.



array<Vehicle> AccessibleVehicleClasses 
Classes of vehicles that are capable of reaching this point. Subclasses of the specified classes are allowed as well, so if you specify ONSAttackCraft (i.e. the Raptor), the ONSDualAttackCraft (i.e. the Cicada) will be allowed as well.
It may be a good idea to only specify vehicle base classes, like ONSChopperCraft (helicopter-style flying vehicles, like the Raptor), ONSHoverCraft (hovering vehicles, like the Manta), ONSPlaneCraft (plane-style flying vehicles like the bomber called in by the Target Painter weapon), ONSTreatCraft (vehicles like the Goliath tank) or ONSWheeledCraft (wheeled vehicles, like the Scorpion).
name AssociatedActorTag 
Actor to be associated with this path node as a Special Objective for bots.
float MaxDist 
If greater than 0, bots will never go here unless they are already this close.


Actor AssociatedActor 
Actor found to be associated with this SpecialVehicleObjective.
bool bEnabled 
Enabled flag.
SpecialVehicleObjective NextSpecialVehicleObjective 
Linked list.
Pawn TeamOwner[4] 
AI pawns currently headed to this point.

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