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The Sound Browser is one of several Resource Browsers in the UnrealEd Interface. By default it is docked in the Master Browser.

Uses of the browser:

Sound Browser


The Sound Browser is accessed either of two ways:

  • Do UnrealEd Main Menu -> View -> Sound Browser
  • Press the Sound Browser button in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the Editor window. It looks like speaker.

Browser Toolbar Buttons[edit]

The Sound Browser has the following buttons (from left to right) in its toolbar:

  • Dock / undock from browser window
  • Open Package
  • Save Package
  • Sound Properties
  • Load Entire Package
  • Play sounds automatically
  • Loop sounds
  • Stop sounds


Sounds, like everything else, are organized into groups, which are organized into packages. Using the sound browser window, you may open a package and view all the sounds contained in it. Package files for sounds are saved in UAX format.

  • Use the top combo box to choose different packages that have been loaded.
  • Use the bottom combo box to list different groups in the current package.
  • To view all the sounds in a single package, press the All button.
  • Use the open and save buttons to open and save your packages.


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