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The Texture Browser is one of several Resource Browsers in the UnrealEd Interface. By default it is docked in the Master Browser.

Uses of the browser:

Texture Browser


The Texture Browser is accessed either of two ways:

  • Do UnrealEd Main Menu -> View -> Texture Browser
  • Press the texture browser button in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the Editor window. It looks like a little scenic display, to the left of the eye.

The Interface[edit]

In the screenshot above, from top to bottom:

  • highlighted: the texture browser toolbar button
  • the Texture Browser Menu
  • Texture browser toolbar
  • Three tabs: Full, In Use, MRU (Most Recently Used)
  • right-clicking on a material pops up the Material Context Menu

Browser Toolbar Buttons[edit]

  • Dock / undock from browser window
  • Open Package
  • Save Package
  • Texture Properties
  • Load Entire Package
  • Previous Group
  • Next Group

Full Tab[edit]

  • List of loaded (or partially-loaded) packages: select one
  • Second row:
    • The exclamation mark animates textures
    • Either push the "All" button to show the textures from all groups in this package, or pick one group from the drop-down box


The browser doesn't list only textures (big change from UnrealEd 2). The text below each item shows:

Type Name(*) [format and black magic codes] (dimensions)


Type is one of:

Texture Browser Menu -> Filter determines which are shown.


DXT1 compressed texture
DXT3 compressed texture
DXT5 compressed texture
16 bit grayscale texture (for heightmaps)
no data (?)
8 bit palettized texture
three channels (red, green, blue) with 16 bits per channel (?)
three channels (red, green, blue) with 8 bits per channel
four channels (red, green, blue, alpha) with 7 bits per channel
four channels (red, green, blue, alpha) with 8 bits per channel

See Texture Format for more information.


Textures are stored in files called packages. The Texture Package gives a full list & a summary of their contents.

Because loaded packages use up system memory, it's advisable to use UTX-Viewer. This is an external package browser, which allows you to quickly look for textures without loading them into UnrealEd.

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