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UE1:RatedMatchDMDemo3 (UT)

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Default values[edit]

Property Value
Bio[0] "No profile available. Level 9 security clearance required."
Bio[1] "Genghis takes his name from a conquerer of old. He proclaims himself 'Ruler of the Eastern Expanse' come to forge a new Empire. In reality, he is a petty freight raider sentenced to fight in the Tournament for his crimes."
Bio[2] "Deslok is the clan mate of Drimacus. Although weaker than his warrior-brother, Deslok is a competent fighter and will prove a worthy opponent."
Bio[3] "Bruce is all about style. He'll often stop in the middle of a fight to make side comments towards the nearest holocam. A favorite among the inner worlds."
BotAccuracy[3] 1.5
BotClasses[0] "Botpack.TMale2Bot"
BotClasses[1] "Botpack.TMale2Bot"
BotClasses[2] "Botpack.TMale2Bot"
BotClasses[3] "Botpack.TMale2Bot"
BotClassifications[0] "Classified: L9"
BotClassifications[1] "Raider/Prisoner"
BotClassifications[2] "Warrior"
BotClassifications[3] "Veteran Soldier"
BotFaces[0] "SoldierSkins.Kregore"
BotFaces[1] "SoldierSkins.Riker"
BotFaces[2] "SoldierSkins.Malcom"
BotFaces[3] "SoldierSkins.Bruce"
BotNames[0] "Hijinxs"
BotNames[1] "Genghis"
BotNames[2] "Deslok"
BotNames[3] "Bruce"
BotSkins[0] "SoldierSkins.RawS"
BotSkins[1] "SoldierSkins.blkt"
BotSkins[2] "SoldierSkins.blkt"
BotSkins[3] "SoldierSkins.RawS"
BotTeams[0] 255
BotTeams[1] 255
BotTeams[2] 255
BotTeams[3] 1
FavoriteWeapon[0] "Botpack.UT_Eightball"
ModifiedDifficulty 1.0
NumBots 4