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UE1:RatedMatchDMDemo4 (UT)

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Default values[edit]

Property Value
Bio[0] "FenTech's finest creation, Malcom is an engineered warrior enhanced by chemicals. Adrenaline stimulants, synaptic catalysts, and impulse regulators combine to create a superhuman killing machine."
Bio[1] "The Doc is back and he's looking to rip you open. Watch out, he's just off of a seven game victory streak and is looking to add you to his list of victims."
Bio[2] "Riker is a walking fusion of tactics and style. He always tries to find new ways of killing his opponents and has won multiple awards for creative improvisation."
Bio[3] "A lucky second place in the Denarian playoffs has brought Bruce back for another round. This guy is getting tedious...wipe him out!"
Bio[4] "You just can't stop these new style chem warriors. Darhl is running low on strength, you can finish him now once and for all."
BotClasses[0] "BotPack.TMale2Bot"
BotClasses[1] "Botpack.TMale2Bot"
BotClasses[2] "BotPack.TMale2Bot"
BotClasses[3] "Botpack.TMale2Bot"
BotClasses[4] "Botpack.TMale2Bot"
BotClassifications[0] "Chem Killer"
BotClassifications[1] "Criminal"
BotClassifications[2] "Warrior"
BotClassifications[3] "Veteran Soldier"
BotClassifications[4] "Psychotic"
BotFaces[0] "SoldierSkins.Malcom"
BotFaces[1] "SoldierSkins.Arkon"
BotFaces[2] "SoldierSkins.Riker"
BotFaces[3] "SoldierSkins.Bruce"
BotFaces[4] "SoldierSkins.Manwell"
BotNames[0] "Malcom"
BotNames[1] "Doc Zenith"
BotNames[2] "Riker"
BotNames[3] "Bruce"
BotNames[4] "Darhl"
BotSkills[1] 1.5
BotSkins[0] "SoldierSkins.blkt"
BotSkins[1] "SoldierSkins.RawS"
BotSkins[2] "SoldierSkins.blkt"
BotSkins[3] "SoldierSkins.RawS"
BotSkins[4] "SoldierSkins.RawS"
BotTeams[0] 2
BotTeams[1] 255
BotTeams[2] 255
BotTeams[4] 1
FavoriteWeapon[1] "Botpack.Ripper"
FavoriteWeapon[4] "Botpack.ImpactHammer"
ModifiedDifficulty 1.0
NumBots 5