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UE1:ShockCore (UT)

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UT Object >> Actor >> Inventory >> Pickup >> Ammo >> TournamentAmmo >> ShockCore


Direct subclasses:
SuperShockCore, VShockCore

Shock Core

Default values[edit]

Property Value
AmmoAmount 10
bCollideActors True
CollisionHeight 20.0
CollisionRadius 14.0
ItemName "Shock Core"
MaxAmmo 50
Mesh LodMesh'Botpack.ShockCoreM'
Physics PHYS_Falling
PickupMessage "You picked up a Shock Core."
PickupViewMesh LodMesh'Botpack.ShockCoreM'
SoundPitch 73
SoundRadius 26
SoundVolume 37
UsedInWeaponSlot[4] 1