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UE3:UIComp_DrawTeamColoredImage (UT3)

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UT3 Object >> Component >> UIComponent >> UIComp_DrawComponents >> UIComp_DrawImage >> UIComp_DrawTeamColoredImage
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Implemented interfaces
CustomPropertyItemHandler, UIStyleResolver
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Automatically apply a team color to an image


Property group 'Team'[edit]


Type: int

For Testing - If we are in the editor, but not in the game, this value will be used


Type: array<Object.LinearColor>

Holds the colors to use. The last color in the array will be used for non-team games as well as team indexes that are out of range.

Default value, index 0:

Member Value
A 1.0
B 0.05
G 0.0
R 3.0

Default value, index 1:

Member Value
A 1.0
B 10.0
G 0.8
R 0.5

Default value, index 2:

Member Value
A 1.0
B 0.5
G 2.0
R 4.0