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UE3:UTWeaponRewardMessage (UDK)

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UDK Object >> LocalMessage >> UTLocalMessage >> UTWeaponRewardMessage
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Type: SoundNodeWave

Array size: 11

Default value, index 1: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_FlakMaster'

Default value, index 2: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_HeadHunter'

Default value, index 3: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_ComboKing'

Default value, index 4: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_Biohazard'

Default value, index 5: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_JackHammer'

Default value, index 6: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_ShaftMaster'

Default value, index 7: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_Gunslinger'

Default value, index 8: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_BigGameHunter'

Default value, index 9: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_BlueStreak'

Default value, index 10: SoundNodeWave'A_Announcer_Reward.Rewards.A_RewardAnnouncer_RocketScientist'


Type: string

Array size: 11

Modifiers: localized

Default value, index 1: "Flak Master!"

Default value, index 2: "Head Hunter!"

Default value, index 3: "Combo King!"

Default value, index 4: "Bio Hazard!"

Default value, index 5: "JackHammer!"

Default value, index 6: "Shaft Master!"

Default value, index 7: "Gun Slinger!"

Default value, index 8: "Big Game Hunter!"

Default value, index 9: "Blue Streak!"

Default value, index 10: "Rocket Scientist!"

Default values[edit]

Property Value
AnnouncementPriority 6
bIsUnique True
Member Value
A 255
B 128
G 255
R 255
FontSize 2
MessageArea 3

Static functions[edit]


static function SoundNodeWave AnnouncementSound (int MessageIndex, Object OptionalObject, PlayerController PC)

Overrides: UTLocalMessage.AnnouncementSound


static simulated function ClientReceive (PlayerController P, optional int Switch, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_1, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_2, optional Object OptionalObject)

Overrides: LocalMessage.ClientReceive


static function string GetString (optional int Switch, optional bool bPRI1HUD, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_1, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_2, optional Object OptionalObject)

Overrides: LocalMessage.GetString