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Basic Info

El Muerte / elmuerte
also known as 
El Muerte [TDS]
Real name 
Michiel Hendriks
elmuerte @
Other pages 
Magicball Network
Weblog (contains dev journal entries and additional posts)
on EFNet as elmuerte in channels: #tds , #lba
on ETG as elmuerte in channels: #unrealscript , #beyondunreal, #unrealwiki, #unrealadmin
on IRCNet as elmuerte in channels: private
on QuakeNet as elmuerte in channels: #unrealadmin
Developer Journal 
User:ElMuerte/Developer Journal
CVS Web Repository
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I've got a Master of Science degree from the University of Twente.

I enjoy playing games. I prefer Action\Adventure games, the Little Big Adventure series are my favorite games. Unreal was the first Unreal Engine game I played, I realy enjoyed that game.

I started Unreal Scripting when Unreal Tournament came out. Me and my friends started running some dedicated servers and we needed some adjustments to the server, that's why I started. About all things I wrote are server only stuff, never written something to extend the game play.


Most of my old creations (for Unreal Tournament) can be found on the Unreal Admin download site.

UnrealEngine2 Creations

Things, mostly libraries that (should) work with all UnrealEngine2(.5) games


UT2003 has a nice set of methods and structures defined in XGame.xUtils, but there are more common used methods and don't need to be rewritten every time somebody needs them. That's why I've started wUtils to create a package containing another set of usefull methods.



LibHTTP is a general puprose library for accessing data on webservers. It has support for Cookies, basic authentication, proxies and transparent redirecting (e.g. will automatically follow a redirect)


A unit testing framework. (More information...)

UT2004 Creations

UT2004 (the game itself)

Yes I did. Check the credits list of the manual (can be found in the demo's help folder) if you don't believe me. I did all the Single Player menu and ladder stuff.


A complete redesign of UTelAdSE (yes again). But I have learned so much during the development of UTelAdSE on how to improve things I decided to start with a clean slate. For instance, you can have multiple interfaces running on the same base system (e.g. telnet and irc), unlike with UTelAdSE and TitanIRCd.


Various server extentions. The package currently includes an addon to add chat logging to the stats logs (only the local logs), and a RSS Feed mutator. The RSS Feed mutator can fetch RSS feeds from the internet (using LibHTTP) and broadcast them in game (like ServerAdsSE) but also offer the content interactive (via the mutate command). UT2003's ChatFilter has also been ported to this package.


This was my "bogus" entry for MSUC Phase 3, took me a little over a week to create it. The purpose of "Meanwhile..." is to give UT2004 a bit of a comic look.


NoMut is a mutator that can remove any actor from the current game (including all children when set).

ReMut is a mutator that can replace any actor to an other actor.

Both mutators can have per map configurations.

Deluder (WIP)

Tribute to DIP

Unreal Kart Tournement (WIP)

Kinda of a TC, it's a karting game set in the Unreal Universe

UE3/UT3 Creations

UT3 WebAdmin

The web administration interface for UT3.

Docs and stuff

UnrealWiki contributions

Here are the wiki pages I wrote/started:

UnrealEngine2 Query protocol

UT2003 uses a new protocol to query the servers for information, I've worked out this protocol and wrote a document about it, you can view it here

UT2003 Mozilla Sidebar

If you have Mozilla or Netscape 6/7 you can install a sidebar that will give you the ability to display server information in your browser. Go here to install this sidebar.


UnCodeX is a combination between UClasses and UnDox. UnCodeX can create a class tree from the UnrealScript source and generate HTML documentation from it. But it can do much more than that. UnCodeX is the most powerfull UnrealScript documentation tool around. It's main development target is MS Windows, but there's also a GNU\Linux port of the commandline version of the documentation generator.


An UnrealScript (Code|Class) PreProcessor. Read more about it here.

caveo cavere cavi cautum

This is a CDKey encrypter for UT2003, UT2004, ...

It's open source, and has a long name