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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> ReplicationInfo >> SquadAI >> BombingRunSquadAI (Package: UnrealGame)

This class controls the Bot AI for the XBombingRun game type.


GameObject Bomb 
A reference to the xBombFlag in the game.
GameObject BombBase 
A reference to the xBombSpawn object in the game. This is where the ball starts life.
GameObject EnemyBase 
A reference to the enemy base. If the squad is on blue team, this is the red teams' base. This is really an xBombDelivery.
GameObject HomeBase 
A reference to this squad's team base. This is really an xBombDelivery.
float LastSeeFlagCarrier 
The last time a bot on this squad saw the enemy holding the ball. Helps to deliver the "Enemy ball carrier is here" messages.
Bot PassTarget 
The bot the ball will be passed to.
float ScoringRand 
A number used to help randomize the squad's actions if someone is holding the ball.
Bot SelfPasser 
A reference to a bot who will be passing the ball to itself.
class<ShootSpot> ShootSpotClass 
Array of two references to a RedShootSpot and BlueShootSpot. The red team looks for BlueShootSpots and vice versa.


AssignCombo( Bot B ) 
Allow combo to be assigned unless GetOrders() returns "Attack".
bool AllowDetourTo( Bot B, NavigationPoint N ) 
If the bot has the ball, never detour. Else only allow detours for health packs if in proximity.
bool AllowImpactJumpBy( Bot B ) 
Overridden to not allow this when a bot has the ball.
bool AllowTaunt( Bot B ) 
Allows taunt randomly about half the time when a bot is not busy with important things.
bool AllowTranslocationBy( Bot B ) 
Doesn't allow bot to translocate when it has the ball.
Doesn't do combos while the squad is attacking.
BombTakenBy( Controller C ) 
Sets squad leader to ball carrier and causes squad to converge on ball at adjusted speeds if they are headed that way.
bool CheckSquadObjectives( Bot B ) 
The important part. Controls squad movements and actions.
Actor FormationCenter() 
Causes squad to converge on whatever its objective is. If none, it will attempt to converge on the ball carrier. Worst case, it picks the squad leader as the target of convergence.
bool GoPickupBomb( Bot B ) 
Does the mechanics of causing a bot to pick up the bomb if noone has it and it's close by.
float ModifyThreat( float current, Pawn NewThreat, bool bThreatVisible, Bot B ) 
Adjusts threat level if it's the ball carrier and close to this squad's home base. Also adjusts level based on if controller is human controlled, etc.
bool MustKeepEnemy( Pawn E ) 
If the enemy is the bomb holder, keep after him at all cost.
bool OrdersForBombCarrier( Bot B ) 
Helps the ball carrier decide what to do. It will try to use speed, pass the ball, etc.
bool OverrideFollowPlayer( Bot B ) 
If Bomb is at home, return false. If Bot B is near HomeBase, call and return TellBotHowToDisable(B). Otherwise, return false.
PassToSelf( Bot B ) 
Controls how a bot does a self-pass.
bool PreferShootScore( Bot B ) 
Attempts to decide whether a bot should shoot the ball through the goal or run it in. Factors such as score, game time, and bot health are considered.
byte PriorityObjective( Bot B ) 
If bot has the ball, bot has slightly elevated objective. If near enemy base, high priority is given. If the ball is being held by anyone, bot receives a priority objective of 1. Else it's zero.
Actor SetFacingActor( Bot B ) 
Helps bots point the right way when reaching nodes like ShootSpots if the bot has the ball.
bool ShouldDeferTo( Controller C ) 
Always defer to the ball carrier.
bool TryPassTo( vector V, Bot CarrierBot, Pawn Recipient ) 

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