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UT2003 :: Actor >> KActor

Use the KActor to make objects behave with Karma real-world physics. KActors can be linked together with KConstraint actors to form chains. To quote the script - Just a handy class to derive off to make physics objects.



bool bOrientImpactEffect 
class<Actor> ImpactEffect 
float ImpactInterval 
The frequency between inpact sounds
array<Sound> ImpactSounds 
List of sounds on actor impact. A random one will be played on an impact.
float ImpactVolume 
Volume of the impact sounds


bool bKTakeShot 


float LastImpactTime 
Recorded time of the last impact

Known Subclasses[edit]

  |   +Engine.KBSJoint
  |   +Engine.KCarWheelJoint
  |   +Engine.KConeLimit
  |   +Engine.KHinge

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