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UE1:LavaZone (UT)

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This class in other games:
RTNP, U1, U2, UE2Runtime

Players and objects entering this zone will continually receive heat damage. While players will die pretty quickly in a LavaZone, attempting to escape is aided by the fact that players can swim in it like in a WaterZone. Flags dropping into lava are returned immediately, pickups are destroyed.

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bDestructive True
bNoInventory True
bPainZone True
bWaterZone True
DamagePerSec 40
DamageType 'Burned'
EntryActor Class'UnrealShare.FlameExplosion'
EntrySound Sound'UnrealShare.Generic.LavaEn'
ExitActor Class'UnrealShare.FlameExplosion'
ExitSound Sound'UnrealShare.Generic.LavaEx'
Member Value
X 0.585938
Y 0.195313
Z 0.078125