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UE2:DamTypeSniperHeadShot (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> DamageType >> WeaponDamageType >> DamTypeSniperHeadShot
This class in other games:

Damage type for headshots with the Lightning Gun.



Type: Sound

Obsolete. This property is only still here for compatibility with UT2003 mods.


Type: class<LocalMessage>

The message class to send to the player who killed someone else with a headshot.

Default value: Class'XGame.SpecialKillMessage'

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bAlwaysSevers True
bCauseConvulsions True
bSpecial True
DamageOverlayMaterial Material'XGameShaders.PlayerShaders.LightningHit'
DamageOverlayTime 0.9
DeathString "%o's cranium was made extra crispy by %k's lightning gun."
FemaleSuicide "%o violated the laws of space-time and sniped herself."
MaleSuicide "%o violated the laws of space-time and sniped himself."
WeaponClass Class'XWeapons.SniperRifle'

Static functions[edit]


static function GetHitEffects (out class<xEmitterHitEffects[4], int VictemHealth)

Overrides: DamageType.GetHitEffects

Returns the flame and smoke effects that will be attached to the head bone of the victim.


static function IncrementKills (Controller Killer)

Overrides: DamageType.IncrementKills

Increments the killer's headshot counter and announces "head hunter" for that player when the counter has reached 15.