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UE2:KActor (U2XMP)

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U2XMP Object >> Actor >> KActor
Direct subclasses:
KArt, KConstraint, KTire
This class in other games:
U2, UE2Runtime, UT2003, UT2004, UDK, UT3

KarmaActor. Just a handy class to derive off to make physics objects.

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bBlockActors True
bBlockNonZeroExtentTraces False
bCollideActors True
bEdShouldSnap True
bProjTarget True
CollisionHeight 1.0
CollisionRadius 1.0
DrawType DT_StaticMesh
Physics PHYS_Karma

Instance functions[edit]


function TakeDamage (int Damage, Pawn instigatedBy, Object.Vector hitlocation, Object.Vector momentum, class<DamageTypedamageType)

Overrides: Actor.TakeDamage