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UE2:Keypoint (UE2Runtime)

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UE2Runtime Object >> Actor >> Keypoint


Direct subclasses:
AIScript, AmbientSound, BlockAll, BlockMonsters, BlockPlayer, ClipMarker, DecorationList, InterpolationPoint, LookTarget, PolyMarker, SpectatorCam, WayBeacon
This class in other games:
RTNP, U1, UT, U2, U2XMP, UT2003, UT2004, UDK, UT3

Keypoint, the base class of invisible actors which mark things.

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bHidden True
bStatic True
CollisionHeight 10.0
CollisionRadius 10.0
SoundVolume 0
Texture Texture'Engine.S_Keypoint'