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UE2:Object operators (UT2003)

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UT2003 Object (operators)


Object operators in other games:
RTNP, U1, UT, U2, U2XMP, UE2Runtime, UT2004, UT3, UDK
Other member categories for this class:
static native functions, structs



native(129) static final preoperator bool ! (bool A)


native(137) static final preoperator byte ++ (out byte A)


native(163) static final preoperator int ++ (out int A)


native(169) static final preoperator float - (float A)


native(143) static final preoperator int - (int A)


native(211) static final preoperator Vector - (Vector A)


native(138) static final preoperator byte -- (out byte A)


native(164) static final preoperator int -- (out int A)


native(141) static final preoperator int ~ (int A)


native(139) static final postoperator byte ++ (out byte A)


native(165) static final postoperator int ++ (out int A)


native(140) static final postoperator byte -- (out byte A)


native(166) static final postoperator int -- (out int A)

float ** float[edit]

native(170) static final operator(12) float ** (float A, float B)

float * float[edit]

native(171) static final operator(16) float * (float A, float B)

float * rotator[edit]

native(288) static final operator(16) Rotator * (float A, Rotator B)

float * vector[edit]

native(213) static final operator(16) Vector * (float A, Vector B)

int * int[edit]

native(144) static final operator(16) int * (int A, int B)

rotator * float[edit]

native(287) static final operator(16) Rotator * (Rotator A, float B)

vector * float[edit]

native(212) static final operator(16) Vector * (Vector A, float B)

vector * vector[edit]

native(296) static final operator(16) Vector * (Vector A, Vector B)

float / float[edit]

native(172) static final operator(16) float / (float A, float B)

int / int[edit]

native(145) static final operator(16) int / (int A, int B)

rotator / float[edit]

native(289) static final operator(16) Rotator / (Rotator A, float B)

vector / float[edit]

native(214) static final operator(16) Vector / (Vector A, float B)

vector Cross vector[edit]

native(220) static final operator(16) Vector Cross (Vector A, Vector B)

vector Dot vector[edit]

native(219) static final operator(16) float Dot (Vector A, Vector B)

float % float[edit]

native(173) static final operator(18) float % (float A, float B)

float + float[edit]

native(174) static final operator(20) float + (float A, float B)

int + int[edit]

native(146) static final operator(20) int + (int A, int B)

rotator + rotator[edit]

native(316) static final operator(20) Rotator + (Rotator A, Rotator B)

vector + vector[edit]

native(215) static final operator(20) Vector + (Vector A, Vector B)

float - float[edit]

native(175) static final operator(20) float - (float A, float B)

int - int[edit]

native(147) static final operator(20) int - (int A, int B)

rotator - rotator[edit]

native(317) static final operator(20) Rotator - (Rotator A, Rotator B)

vector - vector[edit]

native(216) static final operator(20) Vector - (Vector A, Vector B)

int << int[edit]

native(148) static final operator(22) int << (int A, int B)

vector << rotator[edit]

native(275) static final operator(22) Vector << (Vector A, Rotator B)

int >> int[edit]

native(149) static final operator(22) int >> (int A, int B)

vector >> rotator[edit]

native(276) static final operator(22) Vector >> (Vector A, Rotator B)

int >>> int[edit]

native(196) static final operator(22) int >>> (int A, int B)

float < float[edit]

native(176) static final operator(24) bool < (float A, float B)

int < int[edit]

native(150) static final operator(24) bool < (int A, int B)

string < string[edit]

native(115) static final operator(24) bool < (string A, string B)

float <= float[edit]


int <= int[edit]


string <= string[edit]


bool == bool[edit]


float == float[edit]


int == int[edit]


name == name[edit]


Object == Object[edit]


rotator == rotator[edit]


string == string[edit]


vector == vector[edit]


float > float[edit]

native(177) static final operator(24) bool > (float A, float B)

int > int[edit]

native(151) static final operator(24) bool > (int A, int B)

string > string[edit]

native(116) static final operator(24) bool > (string A, string B)

float >= float[edit]


int >= int[edit]


string >= string[edit]


int ClockwiseFrom int[edit]

native static final operator(24) bool ClockwiseFrom (int A, int B)

float ~= float[edit]


string ~= string[edit]


bool != bool[edit]


float != float[edit]


int != int[edit]


name != name[edit]


Object != Object[edit]


rotator != rotator[edit]


string != string[edit]


vector != vector[edit]


int & int[edit]

native(156) static final operator(28) int & (int A, int B)

int ^ int[edit]

native(157) static final operator(28) int ^ (int A, int B)

int | int[edit]

native(158) static final operator(28) int 

bool && bool[edit]

native(130) static final operator(30) bool && (bool A, skip bool B)

bool ^^ bool[edit]

native(131) static final operator(30) bool ^^ (bool A, bool B)

bool || bool[edit]

native(132) static final operator(32) bool 

byte *= byte[edit]


float *= float[edit]


int *= float[edit]


rotator *= float[edit]


vector *= float[edit]


vector *= vector[edit]


byte += byte[edit]


float += float[edit]


int += int[edit]


rotator += rotator[edit]


vector += vector[edit]


byte -= byte[edit]


float -= float[edit]


int -= int[edit]


rotator -= rotator[edit]


vector -= vector[edit]


byte /= byte[edit]


float /= float[edit]


int /= float[edit]


rotator /= float[edit]


vector /= float[edit]


string $ string[edit]

native(112) static final operator(40) string $ (coerce string A, coerce string B)

string @ string[edit]

native(168) static final operator(40) string @ (coerce string A, coerce string B)