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UE2:SpecialVehicleObjective (UT2004)

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UT2004 Object >> Actor >> NavigationPoint >> PathNode >> RoadPathNode >> SpecialVehicleObjective

SpecialVehicleObjectives are used to mark the end of special paths that a vehicle is required to reach, but have something a vehicle cannot get (like a pickup). Bots will only consider following one of these paths if it is enabled and the bot is controlling a vehicle of one the allowed classes. When they reach this point, they will exit the vehicle and continue to the associated actor on foot.

To get an idea of possible uses, have a look at ONS-Torlan: There's a SpecialVehicleObjective on the tower because the Redeemer (and Super Shield Pack) up there can only be reached using a Raptor.


Due to the way (un)triggering and resetting affects SpecialVehicleObjectives, there doesn't seem to be any use for them other than telling bots how to reach pickups.

If you have a super pickup that can't (or shouldn't) be reached on foot, e.g. because it's up high, place a SpecialVehicleObjective near the pickup. Match the pickup's Tag and the SpecialVehicleObjective's AssociatedActorTag to specify the destination object. Also match the pickup's Event and the SpecialVehicleObjective's Tag to properly enable the SpecialVehicleObjective when the pickup is available.


Property group 'SpecialVehicleObjective'[edit]


Type: array<class<Vehicle> >

Classes of vehicles that are capable of reaching this point.


Type: name

Tag of the actor this special vehicle objective belongs to.


Type: float

If greater than 0, bots will never go here unless they are already this close

Internal variables[edit]


Type: Actor

The actor this special vehicle objective belongs to. (Set in PostBeginPlay.)


Type: bool

Whether this SpecialVehicleObjective is currently reachable. Disabled on Trigger and Reset, enabled on Untrigger if there's an AssociatedActor.


Type: SpecialVehicleObjective

The next item in the linked list of SpecialVehicleObjective, which starts with UnrealMPGameInfo.SpecialVehicleObjectives.


Type: Pawn

Array size: 4

AI pawns currently headed to this point

Default values[edit]

Property Value
bNotBased True




event PostBeginPlay ()

Overrides: NavigationPoint.PostBeginPlay

Initializes the AssociatedActor and SpecialVehicleObjectives/NextSpecialVehicleObjective linked list.


event Trigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator)

Overrides: Actor.Trigger

Disables this SpecialVehicleObjective.


event Untrigger (Actor Other, Pawn EventInstigator)

Overrides: Actor.UnTrigger

Enables this SpecialVehicleObjective, but only if its AssociatedActor is set.

Other instance functions[edit]


function bool IsAccessibleTo (Pawn BotPawn)

Returns whether this SpecialVehicleObjective is accessible to the specified Pawn. Takes bEnabled, MaxDist and AccessibleVehicleClasses into account.


function Reset ()

Overrides: Actor.Reset

Disables this SpecialVehicleObjective.