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UT :: Object (UT) >> Bitmap >> Texture (UT) >> FractalTexture >> WaterTexture (Package: Fire)
UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> RenderedMaterial >> BitmapMaterial >> Texture >> FractalTexture >> WaterTexture (Package: Fire)

Abstract parent class for fractal water textures. Parent of Wave-, WetTexture and in UT2003 also FluidTexture.



All FX_ parameters are applied only to new drops when drawing them in the editor. All other parameters take effect instantly.

WDrop DropType 
byte FX_Amplitude 
byte FX_Depth 
byte FX_Frequency 
byte FX_Phase 
byte FX_Radius 
byte FX_Size 
byte FX_Speed 
byte FX_Time 
byte WaveAmp 


ADrop Drops[256] 
int NumDrops 
int OldWaveAmp (transient) 
byte RenderTable[1028] (transient) 
int SourceFields (transient) 
byte WaterParity (transient) 
byte WaterTable[1536] (transient) 



The individual effects' FX_ parameters (where needed) are stored in the generic ByteA to ByteD members of the ADrop struct (see below).

Value Description Parameters
DROP_FixedDepth Fixed depth spot ByteA: depth
DROP_PhaseSpot Phased depth spot ByteA: frequency, ByteB: phase.
DROP_ShallowSpot Shallower phased depth spot ByteA: frequency, ByteB: phase
DROP_HalfAmpl Half-amplitude (only 128+ values)
DROP_RandomMover Randomly moves around
DROP_FixedRandomSpot Fixed spot with random output
DROP_WhirlyThing Moves in small circles ByteA: speed, ByteB: depth
DROP_BigWhirly Moves in large circles ByteA: speed, ByteB: depth
DROP_HorizontalLine Horizontal line segment
DROP_VerticalLine Vertical line segment
DROP_DiagonalLine1 Diagonal, right-slanted
DROP_DiagonalLine2 Diagonal, left-slanted
DROP_HorizontalOsc Horizontal oscillating line segment
DROP_VerticalOsc Vertical oscillating line segment
DROP_DiagonalOsc1 Diagonal oscillating, right-slanted
DROP_DiagonalOsc2 Diagonal oscillating, left-slanted
DROP_RainDrops General random raindrops ByteA: depth, ByteB: distribution radius
DROP_AreaClamp Clamp spots to indicate shallow/dry areas



struct ADrop
    var WDrop Type;   // Drop type.
    var byte  Depth;  // Drop heat.
    var byte  X;      // Spark X location (0 - Xdimension-1).
    var byte  Y;      // Spark Y location (0 - Ydimension-1).
    var byte  ByteA;  // X-speed.
    var byte  ByteB;  // Y-speed.
    var byte  ByteC;  // Age, Emitter freq. etc.
    var byte  ByteD;  // Exp.Time etc.
WDrop Type 
Type of drop.
byte Depth 
Drop depth.
byte X 
Drop X location (0 to width - 1).
byte Y 
Drop Y location (0 to height - 1).
byte ByteA, ByteB, ByteC, ByteD 
Various (see effects above).

Known Subclasses[edit]

  +- FluidTexture (only UT2003)
  +- WaveTexture
  +- WetTexture

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