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UE1:MTracer (UT)

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UT Object >> Actor >> Projectile >> MTracer

The minigun2 tracer projectile. It's only a visual and doesn't do any damage.

Default values[edit]

Property Value
AmbientGlow 187
bReplicateInstigator False
bUnlit True
DrawScale 0.8
LifeSpan 2.0
LightBrightness 255
LightEffect LE_NonIncidence
LightHue 30
LightRadius 3
LightSaturation 69
LightType LT_Steady
MaxSpeed 4000.0
Mesh LodMesh'Botpack.MiniTrace'
RemoteRole ROLE_SimulatedProxy
Speed 4000.0
Style STY_Translucent
Texture FireTexture'UnrealShare.Effect1.FireEffect1u'




simulated event PostBeginPlay ()

Overrides: Actor.PostBeginPlay

Initializes the tracer's velocity and under low framerate conditions also turns off its light effect.

Other instance functions[edit]


simulated function Explode (Object.Vector HitLocation, Object.Vector HitNormal)

Overrides: Projectile.Explode

Destroys the tracer.


simulated function ProcessTouch (Actor Other, Object.Vector HitLocation)

Overrides: Projectile.ProcessTouch

Destroys the tracer if the touching actor is not its Instigator.