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UT2004 :: Actor >> ONSWeapon >> ONSManualGun

This is the weapon class of the ONSManualGunPawn, aka. Energy Turret. This sets gfx properties and implements the damage doled out by the Energy Turret.


class<ONSTurretBeamEffect> BeamEffectClass[2] 
Different BeamEffect for red/blue teams.


StaticPrecache( LevelInfo L ) (static) 
UpdatePrecacheMaterials() (simualted) 
TraceFire( vector Start, rotator dir ) 
This performs a trace from the Start vector to the HitLocation and applies (DamageMin + Rand(DamageMax - DamageMin)) damage the actor it hit. Calls SpawnHitEffects().



SpawnHitEffects( actor HitActor, vector HitLocation. vector HitNormal ) (simulated) 
While not on a DedicatedServer and not in Low detail mode, spawns BeamEffects of the BeamEffectClass. Offsets are made for left and right gun barrel fire.

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